Poland 2050 comes third in polls. Kobosko: It’s a success

Poland 2050 comes third in polls. Kobosko: It’s a success
Poland 2050 comes third in polls. Kobosko: It’s a success

The President of Poland in 2050, Michał Kobosko, does not hide his satisfaction with the results of the survey of his formation.

Michał Kobosko, head of the Poland 2050 party

© PAP / Paweł Supernak
Michał Kobosko, head of the Poland 2050 party

As the politician emphasized in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”, maintaining Poland in 2050 in the third place in most polls in the past year “is a success”.

When it comes to the polls, we are at a similar level to that of 12 months ago. This is a success because many a year ago did not believe that we would succeed, that we would be something permanent on the political scene. Today you can see that it is so – all those who make up the Poland 2050 movement have managed to create the third force in Poland Kobosko said.

The former journalist recalled that Poland 2050 is now a nationwide organization with over 20,000 volunteers. – To a large organization that functions more and more efficiently, there are hundreds of local government officials who join us, programs that we write He said.

On the other hand, Kobosko admitted that the return of Donald Tusk “limited the pace of development” of Poland in 2050, but in retrospect it can be seen that his return was calculated to save the Civic Platform, which “was five minutes before the collapse, or even collapse”.

In his opinion, “2022 may be a year of great political change in Poland.”

Poland 2050 on the podium

In the poll of political party support published just before Christmas, prepared by the Social Changes studio, Poland 2050 came third with the support of 13 percent.

The Civic Coalition received 25 percent in the poll, support, and the United Right – 36 percent.

Right behind Szymon Hołownia’s formation was the Confederation, for which 11 percent were willing to vote. respondents.

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