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The first accident took place yesterday around 4:30 pm in the town of Majdan Wielki in the Krasnobród commune in the Zamość poviat. Emergency services received a report which showed that the driver of a passenger vehicle had hit a tree.

The preliminary findings of the policemen from Zamość show that the 35-year-old driver of the Toyota RAV-4 was driving from Dominikanówka towards Krasnobród. After exiting the curve on a straight stretch of road, he suddenly turned into the opposite lane, then into a roadside ditch, where the vehicle hit a tree with its roof. As a result of the injuries, the driver died on the spot.

The passenger of the car, a 33-year-old man, with injuries, was taken to hospital. Both participants of the accident were residents of the Krasnobród commune. Activities at the scene of the accident lasted several hours and were carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor. The 35-year-old’s body has been secured for autopsy. The conducted proceedings will explain the exact circumstances of the accident.

The second tragic accident took place in the Hrubieszów poviat. Around 18:30 in Modryń, the driver of the Volkswagen hit a pedestrian on a straight and unlit section of the road. Despite the resuscitation, the 21-year-old woman died on the spot. The preliminary findings of the policemen show that the pedestrian did not have any reflective elements on it. The driver of the vehicle was sober.

The police officers determine the detailed circumstances of this accident.

(photo by Police Zamość)

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