The first confirmed case of the omicron variant in Lublin. Who is sick?

The first case of infection with a new variant of omicrons was confirmed in Lublin.

– The infected person lives and studies in Lublin, comes from outside our country. Her condition is good, she is isolated at the place of her residence, she has no severe symptoms of infection – said Agnieszka Strzępka, spokeswoman for the Lublin voivode. He adds: “An intensive epidemic investigation is underway and swabs are taken from everyone who has come into contact with an infected person.

Today, for the first time in days, an increase in infections has been recorded in our region. – This is not a big increase yet, by 27 people, i.e. by about 5 percent. in relation to the indications of the previous week. Additional negative information, however, is that this increase is also in several other voivodships, the highest – nearly 30%. in Subcarpathian. It is possible that this is related to a new mutation, because both in Rzeszów and Lublin, the first case of an omicron infection was confirmed yesterday – emphasizes Lech Sprawka, Lublin voivode. He adds that numerous studies are carried out on people who have been in contact with the infected so that they can be quarantined or isolated as soon as possible, if it turns out that they are also infected.

As the voivode explains, so far it does not translate into the situation in hospitals. – It is just the opposite, we note a decrease in the number of hospitalized people every day. Today there are 902 such patients, including 108 on ventilator beds – informs Sprawka. – He points out, however, that there are fewer patients on covid beds, while in intensive therapy these decreases are small or nonexistent. – Today there are as many patients under respirators as yesterday. And that could translate into deaths. Today there are 22 of them. I estimate that this indicator will gradually decrease. However, there is one question mark regarding today’s growth. This may be the beginning of the fifth wave related to the omicron – noted the voivode.

He pointed to the need for more discipline when it comes to complying with the restrictions in order to avoid “statistics as dramatic as in the fourth wave, including deaths”.


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