Brazil vs Argentina, the game that will never end

Brazil vs Argentina, the game that will never end
Brazil vs Argentina, the game that will never end

FIFA doesn’t know what to make of the derby between Brazil and Argentina, interrupted by agents from Anvisa and the Federal Police, on September 6, 2021. It was certainly one of the most bizarre events in world football.

Until today, the first day of the year 2022, 116 days have passed since one of the biggest controversies in world football. And now nobody knows what will happen because the South American Qualifiers, which have always faced a chronic problem of lack of dates, had the situation aggravated by the pandemic.

Now, in this beginning of the year, when normally there would not be space in the calendar for the so-called FIFA dates, exceptions will be made. Brazil faces Ecuador on January 27, in Quito; and receives Paraguay at home, on 02/01.

In short: there is simply no gap in the calendar before the Cup for a new game between Brazilians and Argentines.

CBF does not believe in the derby’s rescheduling and expects a FIFA victory. Both Brazil and Argentina have already presented their defenses and are awaiting judgment. CBF believes it is much more grounded in its argument in the case and hopes to get the three match points in court.

It turned into a monkey. And as the two teams are classified for the Cup in Qatar and do not depend on this result, FIFA and Conmebol top hats are pretending to be natural to shelve the process.

Apparently, this superclassic of the Americas will go down in history as the game that never ended.

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