What the Romanian president sends them on the first day of the year

What the Romanian president sends them on the first day of the year
What the Romanian president sends them on the first day of the year

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“We are celebrating 15 years since our country’s accession to the European Union, a key moment in the construction of today’s European Romania.

EU accession anchored us in the European space of democracy and values, an ideal that became a reality through the supreme sacrifice of those who fought in December 1989. At that crucial moment in our history, Romanians demanded in unison freedom, fundamental rights , the rule of law and democracy. Acquiring the status of member of the European Union materialized a path chosen by the citizens in an assumed and without hesitation way. The European road remains legitimately the only option for Romania’s prosperity, stability and long-term development.

The benefits to our citizens and society are concrete and mean improving our daily lives, whether we are talking about the internal market, environmental protection, digitalisation, free movement and opportunities to study, work or live anywhere in the European Union, or financing development and of modernization in multiple areas, such as infrastructure, rural areas, energy, the medical sector, education.

Today, Romania contributes directly, as a member state, to the consolidation and strengthening of the European Union. Joint action based on the principle of solidarity, accelerating reforms aimed at increasing convergence and cohesion, upholding the fundamental values ​​of our Union by respecting freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law, implementing climate change priorities, digitization and resilience are key objectives on which Romania has assumed and which it promotes in its turn within the Union and in the relationship with the other partners.

We recently had concrete evidence of the human dimension of the principle of solidarity, when other Member States responded promptly to the Romanian authorities’ call for medical and pharmaceutical support, so that we could manage the effects of the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. We, in turn, have helped other EU Member States or the Union’s neighborhood with medical equipment and supplies, when the epidemiological situation in those countries has been particularly difficult.

Today’s anniversary offers us, beyond the x-ray of the significance of joining the European Union and the indisputable gains that membership has brought with it for Romanian citizens, and the opportunity for a projection on the future, on what we want to represent the Union which we are preparing for future generations.

The declaration adopted at the Summit we hosted in Sibiu, on May 9, 2019, set out the commitment to a more united Europe, from east to west and from north to south, based on common solutions, solidarity in difficult times and on further protecting the European way of life, democracy and the rule of law.

“Today’s union is stronger than yesterday’s, and we want to continue to make it stronger tomorrow. This is our commitment to future generations. This is the spirit of Sibiu and the spirit of a new Union in 27, ready to embrace its future as a unitary body “, I stated in unison all the European leaders in the Sibiu Declaration.

The messages conveyed by the Declaration adopted then prove once again their validity, as we work together to prepare Europe for the future, starting from the lessons learned from the recent health crisis.

I am confident that the Union will continue to grow and actively respond to the challenges posed by digitalisation and climate change around the world, providing security, well-being and stability for its citizens. At this time when European citizens are invited to speak on European priorities, at the Conference on the Future of Europe, it is important that the wishes and ideas of Romanians are made public, so that we can formulate balanced decisions at European level that correspond to these expectations.

Today, 15 years after accession, we must continue to talk to young people about Europe and the importance and major benefits of the European project. It is fundamental to realize that Romania’s membership in the European Union is not “a given”, but is built through solidarity, responsibility, the power of consensus, respect for others, a firm desire to preserve unity and cohesion in formulating answers to future challenges. Klaus Iohannis.

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