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Hungary was not broken by the epidemic

Hungary was not broken by the epidemic
Hungary was not broken by the epidemic

January 1, 2022 – 11:16 am

Despite all the difficulties, the coronavirus epidemic did not break Hungary, the government spokesman said in a video on Saturday, wishing all Hungarians here and beyond a happy new year.

Alexandra Szentkirály highlighted in a video posted on the government’s official community website that the virus has attacked not only health but also the economic success, jobs and community life it has achieved so far. However, all patients have been able to be cared for, everyone has access to the vaccine, and today a large part of the population has taken the vaccine and the majority have already received the booster.
He emphasized that thanks to the government’s measures, the Hungarian economy had been able to stay on track, despite the epidemic, the number of the economy and the number of employees was growing.
Alexandra Szentkirály pointed out that good economic performance would allow wage increases to continue despite the billions in spending due to the epidemic. The first of January brought wage increases for nurses, doctors, police officers, soldiers, teachers, social and cultural workers, as well as raising the minimum wage and the minimum wage for skilled workers, he explained.
A government spokesman said the government has not only maintained support for families with children but is also expanding it. In February, parents with children will receive a family tax refund, and from 1 January, young people under the age of 25 will not have to pay personal income tax. Older people will be helped by a pension increase and a 13-month pension in February, he said.
He stated that despite the epidemic, the government has given all the conditions to keep Hungary safe for the eighth year in a row.
More recently, Brussels wants to force not only the resettlement of migrants into the country, but also to allow LGBTQ propaganda into kindergartens and schools, a government spokesman said. He added that everyone can have their say on this in the child protection referendum.
This year, Hungary will also have to choose between moving forward on the path it has begun, or returning to the failed era before 2010, when the news was about financial collapse, unemployment, austerity, overpayments and tax increases, said Alexandra Szentkirályi. He added: “Hungary must go forward, not backward.”



Hungary broken epidemic

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