Rain advances through Brazil and leaves at least 31 dead in Minas and Bahia

Brazil already counts at least 31 deaths due to heavy rains that hit the country at the end of the year. After having intensified in December, the storms caused damage mainly in Bahia, which has already registered at least 25 deaths from the rains. Now, they are spreading with greater intensity to other regions and returning to punish Minas Gerais.

As shown by Estadão this week, the Metsul meteorology company had already predicted that the humidity corridor that caused the excess precipitation in Bahia was on its way to Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. For the Southeast, therefore, heavy rains were expected for this end of the year. But even with the prediction, they have done damage.

According to a bulletin released by the Civil Defense of Minas Gerais, at least six people have died due to storms in the state. In all, 3,007 residents of the state are homeless, while 12,467 are homeless.

In Bahia, according to the Civil Defense and Protection Superintendence (Sudec), there are already 37,035 homeless and 54,771 homeless. The total number of people affected is 643,068 people. Bahia is facing the worst accumulated rainfall in the month of December since 1989, informed the state government this week.

Emergency situation in Mines

In Minas Gerais, the state government recognized on Thursday the emergency situation in 124 cities heavily affected by storms in recent days. They are located mainly in the north of Minas, a region that borders the Northeast.

In Bahia, occurrences were recorded in 163 of the 417 municipalities in the state. Of this total, 151 have an emergency situation decree.

South Atlantic Convergence

The increase in rainfall in Bahia is part of the convergence phenomenon in the South Atlantic, when the continent’s humid air meets the polar winds from the south. The scenario could intensify in other regions.

In early December, the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) issued an alert on the risk of heavy rains not only in Bahia and Minas Gerais, but also in Goiás and Maranhão.

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