Index – Culture – Budapest has a new volunteer ambassador: Milla Jovovich

Index – Culture – Budapest has a new volunteer ambassador: Milla Jovovich
Index – Culture – Budapest has a new volunteer ambassador: Milla Jovovich

Now, where are we really going to put Milla Jovovich?

She was born in Kiev, the capital of today’s Ukraine, 46 years ago as the child of a Serbian doctor named Bogdan Jovovich and a Soviet-Russian actress named Galina Loginova, who spent her infancy in Moscow, her mother’s hometown, as she herself was born in Kiev “accidentally” because she was there. the family. Then when Milla turned five, the family emigrated to London, later moving on to Sacramento and then to Los Angeles. Initially a Soviet and then a Russian citizen, he has been an American since 1994. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to know that the paternal branch is the descendant of the Vasojevich clan in Montenegro. According to historians, this clan is the ancestor of the mountain Albanians, perhaps Milla’s militant genes can be traced back to it, as he was the protagonist of many action cinemas during his more than thirty-year film career. (He exploded at the age of fifteen with his otherwise very medium film Return to the Blue Lagoon, in one or other of the scenes of which he was born naked, as in the original movie Brooke Shields.)

Of course, in addition to epoch-making (The Fifth Element, Jeanne D’Arc), he also neglects commercials, such as his latest, Johnny Walker, directed by his third husband and father of three, Paul WS Anderson.

The spot was born in the spirit of the brand’s motto (Less talking, keep walking, and less duma, more movement), and Jovovich’s dynamic personality can be clearly seen in it.

In an interview with Roadster magazine, the actress admitted she was less preoccupied with traveling today because she had just traveled long enough in her life during the plethora of filming, and the fun for her today is to be able to stay home with her husband and their three children.

“To be honest, I don’t like to travel these days, and that obviously includes the fact that I’ve traveled a lot all my life because of my job. The biggest fun these days is being able to be home. I have three children and it has made all kinds of travel very complicated, we are simply many. When it was just my husband and I, everything was super easy, we just grabbed ourselves and ran somewhere, say to Mexico, or just doing something loose over the weekend. That’s not how it works today. There is no spontaneity with three children, everything has to be organized in advance, ”he said.

The mother of three made a surprising statement: she had only traveled once in her life so far that she had nothing to do, no filming, she could only concentrate on relaxing: when she went to Greece to relax at the age of 16.

It is rumored that this year there will be a 25-year-old emblematic film, The Fifth Element, directed by Luc Besson (her later second husband). Speaking of which, he was asked what he would do differently if he was 22 again than when the film was shot with Bruce Willis.

“I would be much more relaxed, I would enjoy life, I would be more attentive to the people around me instead of obsessively dealing with my own dramas,” he said, though he never seemed too convulsive, introverted …

Jovovich also talked about the obligatory topic, the forced closures caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Interestingly, he almost got the lockdown.

“Our third child was born when the pandemic struck, so I was able to spend a lot of time at home with the little one, and that’s really good. It is less that the two older children could not go to school, they could not be with their friends, ”he said.

And then the joke: In 2017, the Chinese film The Rookies was starring in Budapest starring Milla. Of course, they asked the actress how she found our capital. The answer is concise: fantastic. Read more:

I found Budapest simply amazing, and I would point out that I then worked in a lot of places in the world. Lovely, civilized, the food is wonderful, the people are charming, a real cosmopolitan big city. His mood seemed light and it definitely gave me the impression of a happy city. I worked in several big cities in Eastern Europe that seemed very dark in the emotional sense of the word. It seemed to me that the city was profiting from the thriving film industry, and part of the revenue was being spent on developing and creating the right conditions for cosmopolitan people. The hotels are amazing, the restaurants are fantastic, you have the feeling that you are in an amazing city. I would be happy if I had to shoot in Budapest again, because there are times when I hear where we are going to work, and I know that there is really nothing in that city. At the same time, Budapest is a finished treat!

As a born Eastern European, the world star’s opinion of our capital may be so flattering, but it’s still good to hear.

(Cover image: Milla Jovovich, November 4, 2021. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images)

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