Benedict Vanagas after the first stage: “Interesting Dakar is waiting”

Benedict Vanagas after the first stage: “Interesting Dakar is waiting”
Benedict Vanagas after the first stage: “Interesting Dakar is waiting”

These 19 qualifying kilometers are the first part of the first speed section, which will decide who will start tomorrow in the second part of the first speed section. Benediktas Vanagas recorded the best time among Lithuanians and finished according to the preliminary results in the 23rd position in the overall standings.

“We are delighted that Dakar has begun. The speed section is short and the list of priority drivers is a bit confusing – we started as the second non-priority car. We were pushed to the rear hard enough, so we had to bend two cars during those twenty kilometers, ”said B. Vanagas, the driver of Toyota Gazoo Racing Baltics, who finished the first stage.

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According to the racer, a lot of time in the speed section was lost due to the dust in which he had to drive while chasing and bending other participants.

“On the one hand, we had to attack to get a good starting position for tomorrow, but we couldn’t do it because we really lost a lot of time scrambling through the dust. On the other hand, we did not commit crimes and we are moving forward, ”said the athlete.

Speaking about today’s track, the organizers said it was a great opportunity for the participants to test the cars in the sand and off-road, and the stage would help to “separate the mice from the grain”. The 19 km route, according to the official report, accounted for 57 percent. sand, 10 percent. soil and a third of the dunes.

Benedict Vanag, who received legend status this year, said that although he was not fully familiar with the yet-to-be-updated Toyota GR DKR Hilux, dubbed the Black Hawk 6.5, today’s track helped him get to know it better: “I felt more . There will be more nuances and you will have to catch them, but I think there is fun Dakar with this car. “

After the first sports kilometers, the participants pull towards the city of Hail, where the official opening ceremony of the Dakar Rally will take place, and the first stage of speed awaits tomorrow. The year 2022 at the Dakar Rally is a record for Lithuanians. The largest number of crews so far appeared in the race – 10. In total, participants will have to overcome 12 speed sections or more than 8 thousand. km, of which 4252 km are inclusive.

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Benedict Vanagas stage Interesting Dakar waiting

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