Jumping: where to watch TCS today in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? Broadcast on TV and online

Jumping: where to watch TCS today in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? Broadcast on TV and online
Jumping: where to watch TCS today in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? Broadcast on TV and online
  • The world’s best jumpers will take part in the competition in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the second competition of the Four Hills Tournament on Saturday
  • This season, the Polish representatives are below expectations, this was also the case in the first TCS competition, another unsuccessful performance may be their farewell to the prestigious competition
  • In the event of another unsuccessful performance, Polish players may be withdrawn from the 4-Hills-Tournament so that they can start preparations for the Olympic Games
  • Friday gave a spark of hope, “White and red” did well in qualifying, which allows us to hope for a successful performance in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: time to break the Poles?

Nobody expected such a poor season for the Polish representatives. In previous years, the “Biało-red” fans got used to successes and excellent performances, the more surprising is such a drastic decline in the form of all players. Friday’s training sessions and qualifications give a spark of hope that there will be a breakthrough in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and that we will finally see a good competition by our players. Otherwise, it can be expected that in the event of another poor performance, Polish jumpers will be withdrawn from the 4-Hills-Tournament, return to Poland and focus on preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games, to try to save the season at least in part.

After the unsuccessful competition in Oberstdorf, there was a meeting in the Polish team. – In Oberstdorf we had to talk to each other together and with each other to say what our conclusions were. It had to be analyzed. It’s not like someone got pissed off and yelled, because that’s not the point. We sat down quietly, we discussed various conclusions. What is there to bind? We are not going to shout at each other. Anyway, before we sat down, some time had passed since we came back from the hill, so everyone had time to laugh. We were able to sit still. On the second day, we gathered in an even larger group. We have made a plan for the future. It’s not that one thing was about the shorter jumps. This is a more complex matter and consists of many different elements that disturbed us and spoiled our jumps. We know that it is impossible to unlearn jumping overnight, but with time the attempts were worse and worse, until it got to a point where it was very bad – admitted Dawid Kubacki in an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”.

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The meeting could have given first results. Six Polish representatives passed the Friday qualifications. Piotr Żyła did the best, taking fifth place after a jump on 138.5 m. – I do not know if I have already fired, I do not know jumping very much. I’m better at my job than analyzing. Well, I did a good job – said Żyła and added that he feels really strong. – In terms of physics, I am probably the best prepared in my entire career, I feel great. In Oberstdorf I made a mistake and it turned out as it turned out, but that’s behind me. Ga-Pa was better and I’m happy.

Kamil Stoch took 16th place in Friday’s qualifying (he jumped 131.5 m and scored 128.6 points), Dawid Kubacki was 24th (126.5 m, 123.9 points), Paweł Wąsek 29th (129.5 m, 120 points), Andrzej Stękała 41 (128 m, 114.1 points) and Jakub Wolny 43 (123.5 m, 113.8 points). Poles have met rivals from the KO series: Żyła will play against German Felix Hoffmann, Stoch against Japanese Daiki Ito, Kubacki against Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud, Wąsek against Austrian Philipp Aschenwald, Stękała against Swiss Killian Peier, and Wolny against Austrian Manuel Fettner.

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– There were some mistakes in training, the second jump was not the best, but in qualifying I am satisfied with it. It’s good that it works and I will come to the competition in a good mood. In Oberstdorf, if it were a normal competition, we would be with Kuba Wolny in the second round. It was different, but we know we can score in every competition. I want to stabilize the jumps, and not like on Friday that the training is weak, then it’s good. I will try to jump to better and better places. It is known that there are also Olympics, but for now we are thinking about how to improve from competition to competition. Of course I would like to go to the Olympics, that’s my goal. Good performances will give me a place in the team – Paweł Wąsek admitted to Przegląd Sportowy.

“In Oberstdorf I was furious, frustrated and feeling helpless. I was pissed off with the way it goes and it is cumulating. Man wants to forget as soon as possible and it worked, I returned to the hotel, calmed down and I know that there is still a lot of season ahead of me. For now, it is going blunt, it is not going just. Maybe we know, maybe not why, but these are matters in our group. For now, I will not reassure the fans. I was patient, now fans have to – said Andrzej Stękała.

TCS: Another successful performance by Kobayashi

In qualifying, Ryoyu Kobayashi finished second. The Japanese, who won the first competition in Oberstdorf, remains in good shape and is becoming the main favorite to win in the current edition of the 4-Hills-Tournament. Kobayashi jumped 134 meters and in the qualifications only Markus Eisenbichler was superior (137 m, 144.9 points). In the top five, apart from Piotr Żyła and the above-mentioned two, there were also German Karl Geiger (135.5 m, 138.4 points) and Austrian Jan Hoerl (138 m, 137.8 points).

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The first series of Saturday’s competition will start at 2:00 PM. Earlier, at 12:30, the trial series will start. After the first competition, Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi is in the lead of the 4-Hills-Tournament, followed by the Norwegians – Halvor Egner Granerud, Robert Johansson, Marius Lindvik and the German Karl Geiger. Among the representatives of Poland in the top 30 is only Dawid Kubacki, who took 28th place in Oberstdorf.

Competition in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Broadcast on TV and online

The 4-Hills-Tournament competition will take place on Saturday 1st January, starting at 2pm. Broadcast of the competition on TV on TVN and Eurosport 1 and online on Player.pl.

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