Controversy after school scholarships. “Children wonder why more schools are given more”

After the joy that the money went into the account, or, as the case may be, that it was taken from the school cashier, in Olt county, but also in the country, according to the discussions on various forums and parents’ groups, the discussions appeared.

At similar school results the amounts are different depending on the school in which the students study, the students found, but also the parents.

“Children are wondering why other schools give more,” said a parent of a student in Slatina, who is still waiting for explanations from school officials.

Moreover, many of the parents and students are not clear about the period for which this scholarship is granted, because some have been told that the amount is related to the second semester of the last school year (2020-2021), and others that the amount represents the scholarship for the first semester of the school year 2021-2022, only the reference (average taken into account) being from the completed year.

What is certain is that the amounts that students receive are considerably different. Thus, a student from a middle school in Slatina, with an average of 10 in the last school year, has 421 lei in his account, another with the same performance, but from another school in the municipality, he received, instead, 510 lei. And for the average tranche 9.51 – 9.90 there are differences, in the first school the scholarship is 364 lei, in the second 440 lei.

The explanation is with the accountants, say several school principals interviewed by Adevărul on this topic. Some have dropped the pandemic unprepared holiday in October from school days, thus explaining the smaller amount. They would remain, however, with a difference to be granted for January, because in the “account” of the October holidays the students are called earlier from the winter holidays. Other directors, on the other hand, say that they have chosen to calculate the amounts due to each beneficiary for the entire semester, including the days of January 2022, hence the larger amounts.

What the legal regulations say

The calculation of the amount of school scholarships is based on a whole list of normative acts that the accountants of each school are required to take into account, starting with the Education Law, continuing with four ministerial orders and ending with the decision of the local council to approve the minimum amount of scholarships. performance, merit, study and social assistance.

The minimum amount of a scholarship granted to beneficiaries who meet the legal conditions, established by the government, is 100 lei / month. To this amount, the local councils can supplement the funds for the granting of scholarships, which has happened in most localities, thus reaching different amounts depending on the school results. In the municipality of Slatina, for example, the local elected officials decided the following amounts: performance scholarship – 160 lei, merit scholarship: for averages between 8.50 – 9.50 – 110 lei, 9.51 – 9.90 – 130 lei, and for 9.91 – 10 – 150 lei.

However, things got complicated in many schools, because the necessary money was given based on forecasts submitted by each school. Many principals have found that the number of students who meet the requirements of the law for the award of these scholarships is much higher than the initial estimated number, so they were forced, in the last payment session, to give as much as they received. the money. As a result, in some cases it did not even drop to an average of 9.50.

“Merit scholarships can be differentiated according to the allocated budget. It is allocated from the state budget equally, as much as requested by the school units, plus the local budget, respectively to the mayor’s office, which also grants differences in amounts. And then there are schools that have larger amounts and in the Board of Directors decide a higher amount for merit scholarships, because they have that money. There are still units that have too many children, I mean the urban environment, and they establish in the Board of Directors, they assume, not to give from 8.50, having neither from the local budget, nor from the state more, but to give from 9.00, for example, or from 9.50. Where there is support from local authorities, there may be higher amounts, yes, indeed, “explained Romica Costea, chief accountant of the Olt County School Inspectorate.

“The ministry has never conditioned the amounts. They gave as much as was asked. “

The explanation that “there is no money” should not be invoked, however, Costea believes, because all the requests of the directors, submitted to the ministry through IŞJ Olt, were honored, even in situations where supplements were requested.

“The director is the authorizing officer there, he asks me, based on a signed address, stamped, the amount he needs, and my job is to ask for these amounts from the ministry and distribute them according to their requests. Of course they have a procedure and an instruction. Now that everyone is applying it according to their head… We can’t go to 167 units to see how they apply it. And it’s none of our business to do that. The ministry has never conditioned the amounts. They gave as much as they asked for. You see, it is an estimate when I ask “, added Costea.

The school with over 90% of students receiving scholarships

Online schooling led to a difficult situation years ago. Teachers constantly complained that they did not have infallible assessment methods, so they were forced to give high marks on the conveyor belt. The consequence of this is now being measured, with the number of students eligible for school scholarships simply exploding.

The director of the “Radu Greceanu” National College from Slatina, Geanina Pîrvu, says that over 90% of the students signed up to receive a scholarship, the school having over 300 beneficiaries, which means that over 90% of the students passed these days. the cashier. Other schools in the municipality face the same situation, with more than half of the students registering school averages over 8.50 in the last school year and an average of 10 in behavior. Many even receive two scholarships each, in those situations where the legislation allows their accumulation.

Things will change in the second semester of this school year, the bar for awarding the merit scholarship increasing to an average of 9.50. And the amount of scholarships, however, will increase. According to the statements of the Minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu, made during October, the performance scholarship (which is awarded to the national Olympians) will reach 500 lei, the merit and social assistance scholarship will reach 200 lei, and the scholarship will reach 150 lei.

For the year 2022, corresponding to these increases, a national budget of over 1 billion lei has been estimated, to which will be added 240 million lei for the professional scholarship and the “High School Money” scholarship.

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