Transgender individuals will be able to change their personal names

Transgender individuals will be able to change their personal names
Transgender individuals will be able to change their personal names

As the Ministry of Justice announced on Friday, such persons would not be required to have a medical gender reassignment certificate, but a certificate issued by a Lithuanian health care institution or a medical document issued by a health care institution of a European Union member state on a diagnosed transsexuality would be required. This would still require permission from the Ministry of Justice.

The new legal framework will enter into force on February 2, 2022.

According to the Minister of Justice, this is “an important step that will help Lithuania to ensure the partial implementation of the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights more than a decade ago, as well as the establishment of human rights standards”.

“We must heed the calls of international institutions, take into account the case law of our country and take real steps to ensure a better legal position for a socially vulnerable group – transgender people – as the needs of this group cannot remain at the margins of the legal framework,” Dobrovolska was quoted as saying.

The notice states that personal names would not change in the birth records of such a minor’s children, and this right could be exercised only by adult, unmarried Lithuanian citizens.

The Ministry points out that the changes were initiated taking into account the case law being developed in Lithuania, which obliges to change the personal names of persons diagnosed with transsexuality in the records of civil status acts.

At present, when a Lithuanian citizen changes his or her name in the foreign state where he or she permanently resides or is a citizen, Lithuania recognizes the changed personal names in the foreign state, regardless of whether they correspond to gender. The report states that, in this context, there are already registered genders in the Population Register that are gender-specific.

In 2007, Lithuania lost a case in the European Court of Human Rights due to the lack of a law regulating gender reassignment in the country.

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Transgender individuals change personal names

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