Not only a group of adults but also a child was hospitalized on New Year’s Eve: injured while firing fireworks

In just 20 minutes. After the start of the New Year, Vilnius police received reports of three young men affected by fireworks.

All three suffered in the same Architektų str. According to preliminary data, one has an injured face, the second an eye, and a third an leg. They all needed medical help.

After a while, the Police Department reported that on January 1. about 1 p.m. 06 min An injured man born in 1989 on Taikos Street in Vilnius was taken to the hospital. His fingers were injured.

The man told me that about 30 minutes after midnight, firecrackers exploded in the yard of the house.

He was released home with medical help.

Marijampolė’s medics also had to inspect the accident. A man (born in 1989) with injured fingers was brought from Jaunimo Street.

The man explained that firecrackers had exploded in the yard of the house.

After receiving medical help, the medics released him home.

The Klaipėda County LSC announced that on January 1. about 0 p.m. 09 min An ambulance doctor brought a child (born in 2005) to the hospital, who was injured while firing fireworks in Klaipėda, I. Simonaitytės St.

Material is being collected for this event.


group adults child hospitalized Years Eve injured firing fireworks

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