“We leave behind a year in which we lost far too much, almost 43,000 Romanians, because of COVID-19 / We end the year with 7,942,201 vaccinated people” / Balance of activities

The coordination committee of the vaccination sent, on Friday evening, a year-end message, in which it makes a brief assessment of the activities from 2021. “We leave behind a year in which we lost far too much, almost 43 thousand Romanians, because of COVID-19, ”officials said, hoping that more could be done for the vulnerable next year.

“It has been a challenging year and we want to thank all of you who have been and are with us. We leave behind a year in which we lost far too much, almost 43 thousand Romanians, because of COVID-19. On December 31, 2020, we recorded 15,757 deaths due to COVID-19 and ended the year with 58,752 deaths. Thanks to medical staff and vaccines against COVID-19, tens of thousands of Romanians were rescued. Yes. Thanks to those on the front line and to those who have done their duty in the vaccination centers. Unfortunately, we could no longer protect the most vulnerable. We hope to be able to do it in the new year “, CNCAV transmitted on Friday evening.

The quoted source specified that for the institutions involved in the vaccination campaign it was a considerable effort, with many challenges and at least as many satisfactions.

“It would have been much better if we could have reached a much higher percentage of Romanians vaccinated against COVID-19 and with additional protection against the virus that has changed our lives in the last two years. There were over 16,000 transport missions at national level, from the regional storage centers / national center to DSP and then to the vaccination centers “, CNCAV officials also specified.

They present a brief assessment of the activities of the last year:

Ministry of Internal Affairs – personnel involved in transport missions – over 50,000 with over 5,800 means. Vaccination staff – 169 (63 doctors, 72 nurses and 34 registrars).

The Ministry of National Defense – personnel involved in transport missions – over 15,000 with over 5,400 means. Vaccination staff – 952 (283 doctors, 422 nurses and 247 registrars) in 56 vaccination centers and 60 (20 doctors, 20 nurses and 20 registrars) in mobile vaccination teams.

Also, the Ministry of National Defense staff served the 43 Call-Center structures with 170 positions (80 positions for vaccination planning, 80 positions for EU COVID digital certificate support and 10 positions in support of DSP). Nearly 2,800,000 calls were handled in Call Center structures.

STS – Special Telecommunications Service:

STS specialists have completed the National Vaccination Programming Platform in record time, one of the first in the EU. It had over 4.3 million users and a record number of page views: over 223 million. It may well be the most viewed platform in Romania this year. In addition, over 10 million vaccination schedules were generated through the platform and millions of text messages were sent to those who signed up.

The national information platform https://vaccinare-covid.gov.ro registered over 12 million unique users, who were informed and generated over 75 million views of the content published by the ROVACCINARE team.

STS specialists also developed the EU Covid digital certificate generation application (https://certificat-covid.gov.ro) and the digital certificate verification application, Check DCC, available both in Google Play and in the App Store. Over 10 million EU Covid digital certificates have been generated in Romania.

They also recently developed the https://plf.gov.ro application to complete the digital entry form in Romania.

STS organized the stations for Call-Center Services: ROVACCINATION (vaccination scheduling and EU Covid digital certificates) and thousands of tablets, laptops and telephones were distributed in these structures and in the vaccination centers, providing technical support 24/24, 7 days of 7.

“We end the year with 7,942,201 vaccinated people, of which 2,012,056 vaccinated with booster dose. Thanks to all those directly involved in this effort of utmost importance for our health and our future “, CNCAV also transmitted.

“The best thanks are to you, those who have been with us from the beginning, those who have supported this public health campaign and who have chosen to be examples for those in the communities you belong to,” added the campaign officials. vaccination.

source: News.ro, Photo source: Ilona Andrei / G4Media.ro

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