The molifts of Saint Basil the Great. Prayer that unleashes charms, curses and vows

The molifts of Saint Basil the Great. Prayer that unleashes charms, curses and vows
The molifts of Saint Basil the Great. Prayer that unleashes charms, curses and vows

First of all, the Molifts of Saint Basil the Great are not read anywhere and anytime. These powerful prayers of release are read in the holy places of worship by a priest, and all who attend the service must be rigorously trained.

According to custom, on January 1, the feast of St. Basil the Great, many believers go to church to read these prayers to drive away evil spirits.

Fasting, prayer, confession, and communion are part of the ritual of preparation that believers must observe before reading the prayers. It should be noted that not all priests read these prayer of release.

A few years ago, these prayers were read by priests and in the homes of believers, but over time it was found to be a rather dangerous ritual. Why? These opening prayers are extremely powerful and cannot be uttered by any priest. In other words, the Molyphs of St. Basil the Great stir the evil spirits, and if we are not fully prepared, we cannot face the demons.

Release prayer to Saint Basil the Great for charms, curses and vows

“Thy message is spread abroad throughout the earth, that thou hast received thy word, whereby thou hast learned of the goodness of the flesh, and hast made known the nature of the flesh, and ordained it in the customs of men.

Reverend Father, royal priesthood, pray to Christ God to save our souls. Come, let us sing praises to Christ God, the One who divided the sea and commanded the people whom He had delivered out of the bondage of the Egyptians to be glorified. Saint Basil, the voice of God, come to the aid of those who want to begin to sing your praises. But you, Father, being forgiving, as a parent, give us abundant grace.

You have restrained the passionate leap of the tyranny of the body with the love of wisdom. That is why you live in the incorruptible Kingdoms, Holy Father Basil. Walking on the rough path of good deeds, you have reached the heavenly plateau, the smooth and quiet one, and for example you have shown yourself to everyone, the Great Hierarch Vasile.

You cut the passions of the soul together with those of the body, Father Vasile, usefully, with the sword of the Spirit, and you sacrificed yourself to the Master. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Honor the Mother of God. Amen!”

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