Holidays in 2022 Big changes are ahead for parents

Holidays in 2022 Big changes are ahead for parents
Holidays in 2022 Big changes are ahead for parents

The EU work-life balance directive of 2019. is to help employees find a better balance between work and private life and family. Although more than two years have passed since the adoption of the directives, the provisions have still not been implemented into Polish law. However, the date of implementation of the directives, which concerns, inter alia, changes in leaves for parents, expires in August 2022.

How is it now? The dimension of maternity leave depends on the number of babies born (in one birth) and can range from 20 weeks with one baby to 37 weeks after giving birth to five or more babies. After giving birth, the mother must take the leave of absence for 14 weeks. In the remaining scope, the maternity leave is granted to both the mother and the father.

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Whereas parental leave is granted after maternity leave in an equal amount to father and mother. The amount of parental leave also depends on the number of children born in one childbirth: up to 32 weeks after giving birth to one child and up to 34 weeks after giving birth to two or more. However, if, for example, the father does not want to take the leave, the mother uses it. What will change?


Changes in leaves in 2022

The change will concern leave for parents due to the birth or adoption of a child. Each parent is to be entitled to two months of parental leave separately, which – importantly – are not transferable.

“It is worth noting that currently Polish law does not provide for part of the parental leave granted to each parent individually, with the exception of the first 14 weeks of maternity leave for the child’s mother. Parental leave may be taken before the child reaches the age of 8” – reports the portal.

In Polish regulations, the change means that fathers will receive two months of parental leave. If they do not use it, the vacation will be forfeited.

Also on the basis of the work-life balance directive, the period of the so-called child care. Currently, parents are entitled to two days (or 16 hours) of medical leave. The directive extends this time limit to 5 days and extends the range of people who can benefit from it to other household members, informs DGP.


Holidays Big ahead parents

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