Warsaw. The fire department summed up the New Year’s Eve. Three fires caused by fireworks

Warsaw. The fire department summed up the New Year’s Eve. Three fires caused by fireworks
Warsaw. The fire department summed up the New Year’s Eve. Three fires caused by fireworks

Firefighters intervened several times during the night due to fires caused by fireworks. Apartments in Gocław and Targówek were on fire. On Saturday morning, the firefighting operation in Białołęka was still going on, where the gas tank was unsealed after a carport fire. A passenger car burned down in Włochy, which damaged a nearby gas box.

Around midnight, a fire broke out in a block at 15 Jugosłowiańska St. – The fire appeared on the balcony on the fourth floor. The façade of the building is heavily sooty – reported Tomasz Zieliński from tvnwarszawa.pl. There were three fire brigades, the police and an ambulance service.


The Polish Press Agency reported that the fire of the balcony and the apartment was caused by a firecracker fired in front of the block. “Thank you to the person who burnt our apartment. I’m looking for people who saw who fired this firecracker” – wrote the owner of the destroyed premises on Facebook. He also posted photos and a video showing a burnt balcony and sooty walls in the apartment. The balcony window was also damaged.

The event was confirmed by firefighters from the Warsaw headquarters. According to Łukasz Płaskociński from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service, “there was a balcony fire in Gocław”. – The same situation took place in Targówek. In Białołęka, there was a shed in front of the building and a gas tank for heating. The police are explaining the causes of the fires, ‘he added.

The fire in Targówek concerned an apartment in a block of flats at Remiszewska Street.

Car fire and unsealing of the gas installation in Italy

On the other hand, in Włochy there was a fire in a passenger car. Firefighters received a notification half an hour after midnight. – Four fire brigades were dispatched to the site. The passenger Hyundai was fully engulfed in the fire. There was a gas box in the immediate vicinity of the car. As a result of the flames, the installation was unsealed – reports Michał Konopka from the PSP KM.

A car fire on Długopolska StreetDarek / Contact 24

As he describes, there was a fire on the leaking gas. It was necessary to call a gas ambulance. – Extinguishing currents were applied to prevent an explosion. Gas ambulance workers located the leak, dug up a fragment of the installation and screwed up the gas supply pipe – he adds.

Białołęka: fire in the shed and the gas tank

The firefighting operation continues on Saturday morning in Białołęka. After 1.00 a.m., the firefighters received a report about a fire in a shed at a single-family house in Olesin Street. – There was a fire in the car under the shelter. In this case, the gas installation was also unsealed, and more precisely the pipe running through the yard from the gas tank to the house – informs Konopka.

The activities of firefighters consist of securing a controlled fire and cooling the gas tank. – We cannot extinguish such a fire, because the flames could enter the gas tank and cause an explosion. The gas must burn out in a controlled manner – explains Konopka. As he sums up, there were about 35 fires in the capital on the New Year’s Eve. Nobody was hurt. Most of the reports concerned dumpster fires, shelters or the remains of firecrackers.

A shed fire in BiałołękaNorbert / Contact 24

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl


Warsaw fire department summed Years Eve fires caused fireworks

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