Lithuania: The list of affected countries remains unchanged

Lithuania: The list of affected countries remains unchanged
Lithuania: The list of affected countries remains unchanged

The Lithuanian Ministry of Health has announced that there will be no changes to the list of countries affected by the spread of coronavirus.

The ministry’s report says all countries in the world are red and gray except Mayotte, which is on the yellow list of medium-risk countries. Improved epidemic control measures are in place in seven countries in the South African region, reports

“Next week, the same requirements and recommendations apply as today” As stated in the ministry report.

The Baltic States continue to classify other countries, in particular the Omigron strain, which continues to affect countries around the world, in particular to prevent the further spread of coronavirus and new strains. Green, yellow, red, Ir Grey Groups according to the epidemiological situation in them.

Countries that have recently reported high rates of COVID-19 infection are subject to stricter entry rules, i.e.

“The COVID-19 PCR test is recommended for all visitors from the red and gray areas (including those infected and vaccinated) after the third day of the visit. This recommendation does not apply to individuals who have been COVID-19 tested negative for PCR 90 days prior to arrival in Lithuania. The report says.

At present, no country is included in the Lithuanian Green List of Protected Areas according to the coronavirus environment. Travelers from green-listed countries have the right to enter Lithuania with additional entry requirements.

Only the region of Mayotte in the French Republic is currently on the blacklist.

Residents in the green and yellow zones were subject to less stringent entry requirements, such as a vaccination or recovery document, or those who did not complete the antiviral vaccination process, such as a negative PCR test three or five days after their arrival.

As for the red list of countries most affected by the virus, it currently includes all EU Member States. Passengers who have not been vaccinated in the red category should be screened on arrival, in addition to the mandatory ten-day isolation requirement.

These areas, which have recently been severely affected by the Govit-19 Omigron variant, belong to the gray type.

  • Botswana
  • Esvatinis
  • Lesotho
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe

Passengers from the above areas arriving in Lithuania are checked and isolated.

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