Do you really want to get behind the wheel in the near future? Police report raids

As every year, police officers carry out increased road safety during the holiday season, with separate raids to check whether car owners are driving a tidy vehicle, with winter tires on them, and to check the speed of cars in traffic.

It is particularly important for officials to ensure that the person driving the vehicle is sober, so that drivers’ sobriety is checked every time.

“Various targeted preventive measures will be organized on the country’s roads this year.

Once again, we urge all drivers not to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. Alcohol consumption cannot be combined with participation in traffic. It should be remembered that even slight intoxication affects the ability to drive a vehicle, slows down the reaction, interferes with coordination, ”said Renatas Siaurusaitis, Chief Specialist of the Administrative Activity and Traffic Supervision Division of the Lithuanian Road Police Service.

A name that everyone needs to pay attention to

A police spokesman reminds drivers once again what action everyone should take to avoid serious accidents.

“It is very important to choose a safe speed and maneuvering method, because unfavorable weather conditions during the winter mean that the road surface is often slippery or snowy. Therefore, it is important not only to keep the speed limit, but also to choose a safe one.

We advise you to evaluate your skills responsibly. In addition, we urge you to drive responsibly and avoid risky maneuvering, ”said R. Siaurusaitis.

Assessing the current trends in road accidents, the interlocutor lists the reasons that most often lead to accidents.

“The main causes of traffic accidents remain similar throughout the year – most often drivers are in a hurry and do not choose a safe speed, do not take into account the condition of the road, do not drive cars, drive off the road or enter the opposite lane, where the forehead collides with other vehicles.

The culprits of traffic accidents are often intoxicated – both drivers and pedestrians, ”R. Siaurusaitis explained.

In addition, according to R. Siaurusaitis, special attention must be paid not only to the assessment of personal driving skills, but also to the fact that all passengers comply with the established requirements.

“When driving a car, do not forget to fasten your seat belt, make sure that all passengers are fastened. Only carry children in the special safety seats provided, make sure the child is securely fastened when traveling.

Pay attention to driving through intersections, make sure that you keep such a speed when driving in such a way that you will not hit it when the car in front stops abruptly, ”advised R. Siaurusaitis.

Reinforced control in Taurage county

Representatives of the Tauragė County Chief Police Commissariat announce what roadside inspections will be carried out in January:

  • 2022 January 1-4 there will be controls on sobriety, intoxication, narcotics or other psychoactive substances by drivers, including bicycles and electric scooters.
  • 2022 January 6-7 controls on pedestrians and cyclists will be exercised.
  • 2022 January 10-13 officers will monitor whether drivers stop in front of pedestrian crossings when required by the rules.
  • 2022 January 17-21 control of non-driving activities of drivers will be used (use of mobile devices while driving without a hands-free device).
  • 2022 January 23-25 there will be control of dangerous and hooligan driving, maneuvering, bending where it is forbidden to do so, passing through intersections, observance of traffic lights.

Inspections were also carried out during Christmas

The news portal reminds that on the morning of the second Christmas day, the officers of the Lithuanian Road Police Service staged a raid in Vilnius, during which drivers were checked. Only one drunk driver got stuck in the morning.

Cars from 8 p.m. were stopped on Drujos Street, near the station. There were relatively few cars on the streets on the festive morning. Almost all the drivers drove sober.

About 10 p.m. was stopped by Subaru. The man behind the wheel of the instant, triggered by an instant alcohol meter, said he had drunk two glasses of beer.

When testing for drunkenness with an alcohol meter showing promiles, the first test blew 1.24 per mille, which is a light drunkenness. After 15 minutes on the second attempt, the man blew almost as much.

There is no criminal case for such drunkenness, but about 1,000 will most likely be sentenced. will probably be disqualified for one year.

Deaths of 2 people

Officials also held raids in different parts of Lithuania during the Christmas period.

According to the police, 255 traffic accidents were registered on 23–26 December, 29 of which involved people, 2 killed, 35 injured and 3 children injured.

On the eve of Christmas in Šilalė district, a painful traffic accident on the road Telšiai – Varniai – Laukuva called for a driver of a VW Bora born in 1969 and a fellow passenger born in 1969. lives.

A little later, it became clear that Sigita Statkienė, a Lithuanian language teacher at Ragainė Progymnasium, and her husband were killed during a tragic cactus in Šilalė district.

“According to the available data, two people were killed – a man and a woman who were in the same car. They were released, but the doctors who arrived stated the death of the people, ”the guards informed portal this time.

Penalties for speeding

Drivers face penalties Drivers are reminded to follow traffic rules and safe speeds at all times, whether or not violations are recorded. Speeding is subject to fines and driving disqualifications.

Above speeds up to 10 km / h are subject to verbal remarks and warnings. Exceeding the speed of 11-20 km / h is punishable by a fine of 12 to 30 euros.

Speeding from 21 km / h to 30 km / h is subject to a fine of 30 to 90 euros. Driving at a speed of 31-40 km / h faster than the set speed is subject to a fine of 120-170 euros and disqualification from driving for 3 to 6 months.

Exceeding speeds of 41-50 km / h carries a fine of € 170-230 and a driving disqualification of between half and one year.

Exceeding speeds of more than 50 km / h can result in a fine of between € 450 and € 550 and a driving disqualification of 18 months.

If a driver is drunk at the wheel of a car, it may be subject not only to a heavy fine and disqualification, but also to criminal liability if the degree of drunkenness is equivalent to severe.

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