New tariffs for public electricity supply and natural gas for household consumers come into force –

New tariffs for public electricity supply and natural gas for household consumers come into force –
New tariffs for public electricity supply and natural gas for household consumers come into force –

The price of electricity will increase for those who have not yet concluded a contract with an independent supplier – Ignitis will supply them with electricity at a public price by July. This estimates that the average household consumption of a public household consuming around 127 kWh of electricity will increase by around € 1.9 per month.

The price of the standard one-time zone tariff will increase from 15.2 ct / kWh to 16.7 ct / kWh, for two time zones – from 17.7 ct / kWh to 18.9 ct / kWh per day and from 10.6 ct / kWh up to 12.4 ct / kWh for night electricity.

Tariffs for the Namai and Namai Plus plans for customers consuming more electricity increase from 13.6 ct / kWh to 15.1 ct / kWh and from 13.1 ct / kWh to 14.6 ct / kWh, respectively. The fixed monthly components of these plans will remain unchanged at € 3 and € 6.

At that time, record high natural gas prices, Ignitis reports, will be partially amortized if the Seimas allows them to be spread over five years. The supplier points out that the first 2022 In the first half of the year, the price of natural gas for household consumers will grow by almost 30% on average.

It is estimated that the monthly bill will increase by 78 ct for those using gas stoves and over 14 euros for those heating their homes.

For those consumers who mainly use gas stoves and consume up to 300 m3 of gas per year, the fixed part of the tariff will remain at 0.56 euros per month next year. The price of one cubic meter of gas for these customers will increase from 63 ct / m3 to 80 ct / m3 from January.

Consumers who mostly use gas for heating and consume up to 20 thousand. cubic meters of gas, the fixed part of the tariff will also remain unchanged at € 3.99 per month. Such customers will no longer pay 41 but 55 ct per cubic meter.

At that time, consuming more than 20 thousand. m3 of gas, they become more expensive by 14 ct – up to 53 ct / m3. The fixed part of the tariff for the customers of this plan will not change and will remain at 3.99 euros per month.

In Lithuania, natural gas is supplied by 10 companies, of which only Ignitis serves household consumers. The other nine companies supply gas only commercially.

At the beginning of November, the Seimas approved the amendments submitted by the Ministry of Energy, which envisage the increase of the share of electricity and gas prices regulated by VERT to be distributed to consumers within 5 years, and not transferred immediately. It was also decided to extend the second stage of electricity market liberalization by six months, until 18 June.

According to VERT, almost 60% have not yet chosen an independent supplier. Phase II users. In it, the company that will supply electricity must choose 1–5 thousand. Population consuming kWh of electricity per year.

The amendments stipulate that the price for electricity will not increase by more than 21%, for gas for stoves by 20%, and for heating with natural gas it will increase to 30%.

In December, VERT predicted that Ignitis would have to borrow about $ 190 million to cover the difference between the purchase of electricity and gas and the approved tariffs for the population. euros.

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