Run around the sand mine in Porszewice. Don’t skip the letter to the bishop. More trees were cut down

Run around the sand mine in Porszewice. Don’t skip the letter to the bishop. More trees were cut down
Run around the sand mine in Porszewice. Don’t skip the letter to the bishop. More trees were cut down

Since spring 2020, the Protest Porszewice Association, together with the villagers, has been striving to keep the areas of Uroczysko Porszewice (Łódź Voivodeship) intact as possible. These are areas, some of which belong to the Archdiocese of Łódź. An open-cast sand mine is to be built there, which is a joint venture of the archdiocese and a private entrepreneur.

On a daily basis, these areas are a place of recreation for walkers, runners and cyclists. The inhabitants collected hundreds of signatures under the petition to Archbishop Grzegorz Rys, so that “for the zloty the valuable natural area would not be destroyed”.

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Hundreds of trees were cut down in Uroczysko Porszewice just before Christmas. In the opinion of representatives of the logging association, the mining works in progress are inconsistent with the regulations – reports Wirtualna Polska.

According to the portal, the sand will be sold for the needs of the expressway being built nearby. The mayor of Pabianice gave his consent for mining, pointing out that the so-called an environmental impact assessment for the project is unnecessary. According to the protesters, the archdiocese justify felling trees “by restoring the original purpose of the land, that is, the agricultural state.”

– The justification for deforestation was the restoration of the plot to the agricultural state. However, it is not about cultivating the land, but about expanding the area of ​​the sand mine, where the curia wants to earn money, says Dorota, co-founder of the Protest Porszewice Association, to Wirtualna Polska.

Local government officials and the prosecutor’s office do not see any irregularities

“The commune office in Pabianice and the Marshal of the Lodzkie Voivodship did not notice any irregularities in the investment and documents, so it should be understood that for them the mining plant is an agricultural activity. they can go on “- informs the Protest Porszewice Association.

“The prosecutor’s office discontinued the investigation, without even informing us about it, the Provincial Administrative Court in Łódź dismissed the Association’s complaint, the General Directorate for Environmental Protection has been determining the facts of logging for 7 months, and the District Mining Office in Kielce has not been able to come for an on-site inspection for over a year” – we read in the association’s post.

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