Gas and electricity are becoming more expensive for the population

Gas and electricity are becoming more expensive for the population
Gas and electricity are becoming more expensive for the population

Electricity and gas supplier Ignitis says the biggest impact on gas prices has been made by changes in European gas exchanges, where rising gas prices have been driven mainly by growing gas demand as the global economy recovers, underfilled European gas storage in the winter and gas shortages.

The company estimates that the price of gas to consumers will increase by an average of 29.8 percent in the first half of 2022: the average bill for the smallest consumers using gas for cooking will increase by 78 cents, and for larger ones burning them for home heating – by more than 14 euros.

Since January, the price of gas for cooking has risen by 26.9 percent. up to 80 cents per cubic meter (including VAT) and the fixed part remains the same at 56 cents.

For home heating – up to 20 thousand. for households consuming cubic gas per year – the price of gas increases by 34.2 percent. up to 55 cents, and for those who consume more – 36 percent. up to 53 cents. The fixed part does not change – 3.99 euros.

The average electricity price for regulated customers will increase by 9.6 percent from January 1. The costs of a statistical household consuming about 127 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per month will increase by about 1.9 euros on average.

The most popular “standard” tariff for one time zone will reach 16.7 cents per kilowatt hour (including VAT) – 9.9 percent. (1.5 cents) more than in the second half of 2021 (15.2 cents).

The daily rate for the two time zones is growing at 6.8 percent. (1.2 cents) to 18.9 cents, night – 17 percent. (1.8 cents) to 12.4 cents.

The “home” plan for one time zone rate increases by 11 percent. (1.5 cents) to 15.1 cents, and 7.5 percent for the two time zones, respectively. (1.2 cents) to 17.1 cents and 18.6 percent. (1.8 cents) to 11.5 cents. The subscription fee does not change.

In the autumn, the Seimas passed a package of laws aimed at cushioning the drastic rise in energy prices for consumers. The rise in gas prices will be spread over them for up to five years, and the rise in electricity prices should be dampened by the fact that half a year has been delayed for almost half a million consumers to choose an independent supplier.

According to Ignitis, after the extension of the second stage of electricity market liberalization for half a year, the company will be able to use the services of a public supplier for about 1.3 million units by July 2022. households.

Since July 2021, electricity has become more expensive by an average of 8% for most consumers and 26-50% for households.

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