Why the villages of the foresters remain deserted: “We live like in the time of our grandparents. We ended up giving milk to pigs. ”VIDEO

Several families live in Ulm (Cerbăl commune), a hamlet with houses lined up on a hilltop, surrounded by thousands of hectares of forest.


The village is only 20 kilometers from Hunedoara, on the Zlaşti valley, but, like other settlements in the Pădurenilor Land, it presents its guests as a place cut off from the world, where the only things reminiscent of “modern civilization” are satellite dishes. hanging on the roofs of several old houses. Most of the households remained deserted.

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“There are about 30 people in the village, and in some houses a woman lives. In the past, families of 5-6 people lived in most of them. They raised animals, worked in Hunedoara, in the steel plant, worked the land that produced wheat, potatoes, corn. Now, wild boars eat everything, dust everywhere. You can’t do agriculture anymore. The animals were also paid, not like now, when only the old people come and ask us if we give them as much as they want, otherwise, hello. The subsidies are also very small, and we end up giving the milk from the cows to the pigs, who have pigs, if not to the dogs, because there is no one to come after them “, says Miron, a cattle breeder from Ulm.

The village of Ulm. VIDEO: Daniel Guţă. TRUTH

The fountain, a place to socialize

The fountain in the center of the village remained a meeting place for community members. Those who have animals come here to water them, because the water and sewerage network has not reached Ulm. In fact, the same problem is claimed by the inhabitants of most of the villages of the foresters. Every family does its best.

Fountain in the village of Ulm. Photo: Daniel Guţă. TRUTH

In some settlements, water is collected from underground springs, in others streams remain the main source of water supply, even when people throw garbage in their valleys. Other foresters have built pools where rainwater collects or “enjoys” small wells shared by several families. A school and a cultural center used to be located near the Ulm fountain. On a hill, the 18th-century old church was also a lively community place.

One of the few young people in Ulm. Photo: Daniel Guţă. TRUTH

“Now we meet in the churchyard at a funeral. Otherwise, when services take place, a few more people come “, says a local woman.

Several roads connected the hamlet in the middle of the forest with Hunedoara, the mining center from Ghelari and the village of Cerbăl – from where others started other paths to the villages from the Forest Land, much more lively in the past. The hills were lined with funiculars, which carried wood, ore, stone and sometimes even people, say locals.

“People have dwindled here, as well as in other surrounding villages, where they live as in the time of our grandparents. The roads are not done properly, there is no water, it is more and more difficult to raise animals, the luck of the remaining ones, who worked in the past in the past, is that they can live on the pensions received, but without being able to make big expenses. “, Says Miron.

The locals from several villages, from the Hunedoara mountains, go through similar situations, which in the absence of utilities and investments in infrastructure have become almost deserted.

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Ulm village, Foresters’ Land. Photo: Daniel Guță. THE TRUTH.

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