Seven hundred firefighters integrate Prevention and Road Intervention Device at the end of the year – News

Patrícia Gaspar was on the A2, A6, IC1 and EN10 road axis and highlighted the involvement of all the forces of the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), by adding firefighters to the PSP, GNR and National Road Safety Authority initiatives , highlighting the placement of 123 strategic positions from north to south of the country.

“We are talking about the involvement of close to 700 firefighters who will guarantee two fundamental missions: visibility, that is, they are placed in places where drivers can see them and it is a sign to draw attention to the issue of safety; and also to guarantee a faster response in the event of an accident in the vicinity of these pre-positions”, he stated.

Before the president of ANEPC, Duarte Costa, and the new commander of the fire department of Águas de Moura (Palmela district, Setúbal district), Filipe Gomes, the government official reiterated that the reduction of road accidents is “an annual and permanent objective ”, underlining that this is a message for all Portuguese.

“There is an institutional dimension and there is a citizen dimension. And it is this issue of awareness that is fundamental: if we all line up, we can certainly reach the goal that we have already identified and which is very ambitious, but which is the only acceptable one – zero road deaths. People don’t have to die on the road. Dying on the road doesn’t have to be an inevitability”, he explained.

With five fatalities in the road safety operation in Natal, the Secretary of State for Home Affairs was expectant in relation to a reduction in the operation at the end of the year.

“400 people die on the road every year and that is not acceptable at all,” he concluded.


firefighters integrate Prevention Road Intervention Device year News

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