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Today marks 15 years since Romania officially became a full member of the EU. It happened on January 1, 2007, after many years of intense negotiations that brought our country back to the European family of principles, values ​​and democracy.

On behalf of Romania, those who signed the accession treaty were the then president, Traian Băsescu, the prime minister Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu, the foreign minister, Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu, and the chief negotiator with the EU, Leonard Orban, and the accession of brought many good things for Romanians.

EU membership meant the disappearance of borders for Romanians, the opportunity for them to study and work in other European countries.

Freedom of movement, including goods, has provided a huge market for Romanian companies and products. In fact, almost 80% of Romania’s exports go to the EU.

European funds have also made rapid changes in Romania, given that our country is one of the net beneficiaries of the European budget, meaning we receive more money than we put in the common basket.

Since 2007, the main visible transformation in Romania has been the adoption of European development principles and working tools agreed at Community level.

As a general result, Romania has managed to increase its GDP per capita at purchasing power parity from 39% of the EU average before accession to 59% after only nine years, and according to forecasts, GDP per capita could reach 66.3% of the Union’s average GDP. And another comparison: if in 1989 Romania had a GDP of 8009 billion lei, the GDP forecast for this year is 1,317.3 billion lei.


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