The first day of the New Year became different for Zvonkas: “Sitting and red”

Last weekend, the Christmas game “galvOK” united the families – Ieva Daugirdaitė came to support her fiancée Marijonas Mikutavičius, and Mantas Katleris tried to win together with his father Saulius.

This time, on the first day of the New Year, the opposite will happen – the game will briefly distinguish Zvonkus.

Katažina will try to answer the most frantic questions with Marijon’s help, and David will support the company for Mantas. Which – Catazina or David – will be the winner?

Katažina will not hide – she wants to start as much fun as possible in 2022, so the questions she will choose together with the captain will perfectly reflect that.

The very first theme this team will choose will make fun of David, who will not hide the fact that his wife really lacks ingenuity.

“A wife with a fantasy is every man’s dream,” he laughs.

Katažina will not spare the praise for her other half, who will not only reveal the man’s strengths in the show, but will not hide that David is always inclined to listen because he has great confidence in him.

There will be no shortage of jokes about New Year’s parties and the first day of the year.

“It seems to me that sometimes you need to change your name on January 1st because you don’t want to be what you were yesterday. You are ashamed, – says the host of the show Andrius Žiurauskas.

“Then it would be useful to change your face too” – M.Mikutavičius will jokingly agree with the host of the game.

The New Year’s show will be full of surprises – both musical performances and unexpected experiments.

Right here, on stage, will even produce sugar wool. Will the guests manage to resist it?

During the game, D.Zvonkas will have an unexpected musical task – a piano made of bananas will be specially prepared for him.

And using it, the famous composer will have to play the legendary ABBA song, without which no New Year can be imagined.

David and Mantas will try to understand the questions about the women, and Marijon will remember the toast once told by the Georgian, who will ridicule the audience.

Eventually, however, the couple will feel the tension in the game as well.

“I’m sitting and red from their correct answers – it’s starting to get awkward,” Katazina will admit, watching David’s successful game.

But which one – David or Katazina – will actually be defeated?

The New Year’s “headOK” game is already this Saturday, January 1, at 7 p.m. 30 min. on TV3.

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