Index – Domestic – Trees, cars and trash were also burning on New Year’s Eve

Index – Domestic – Trees, cars and trash were also burning on New Year’s Eve
Index – Domestic – Trees, cars and trash were also burning on New Year’s Eve

Firefighters were not allowed to rest on New Year’s Eve either, as they were alerted to several fires, accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning on the last day of the year. According to the information sent to our editorial office by the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, no fires due to fireworks were left behind.

On New Year’s Day, 133 cases required firefighting intervention.

Firefighters marched on 52 fires and 81 accidents requiring technical rescue. Firefighters intervened seventeen times due to fireworks:

  • remnants of fireworks at four sites and their surroundings in a burned public area;
  • Firefighters were alerted in five cases due to burning trees, bushes, thuja;
  • Trash cans and rubbish bins were burning in five places, and a car caught fire;
  • Two terrified and runaway dogs were also rescued by firefighters;
  • And at night, a car parked in the yard of a family house in Mezőomárom, which had to be put out by firefighters, caught fire due to fireworks.

The amber rising on the house wall in Budapest in the 15th century also ignited fireworks. district. A II. a tree standing in the yard of a condominium in the district, three thuja in a garden in Csorna, a bush in a parking lot in Kecskemét, and a dry Avar in Nagykőrös on two square meters from the fireworks.

A XV. In the district, in Csobánka, in Sopron, in Szeged and in Balatonfüred, rubbish bins and larger waste bins were burned. Firefighters everywhere quickly curbed the flames so the fire could not spread to the surrounding cars. In the 3rd and 10th districts of Csepel and Mosonmagyaróvár, the remains of boxed fireworks and their surroundings burned down.

A large dog was found on a fence in Őrbottyán at half past eleven in the evening. Firefighters freed him with hand tools and handed them over to their owner. First, at six o’clock in the morning, firefighters rescued a dog in a manhole in Biharkeresztes.

Firefighters were not called just because of fireworks. A gas cylinder exploded at dawn on New Year’s Eve, around three o’clock at a family house in Katymár, on Subotica Street. A man was lifted out of the rubble by firefighters, and the building became uninhabitable.

Fire departments have been alerted to several locations on suspicion of carbon monoxide poisoning. At five in the afternoon, firefighters in a house in Pécs detected a high concentration of toxic gas, where three of them were ill. In Nyírbogdány, Szeged and Gávavencsellő, one person became ill due to carbon monoxide.

Firefighters were also alerted to several serious traffic accidents: they worked in a fatal train accident in Bágyogszovát and Döbrököz; In Budapest, a deadly wading took place on the line of the two metro lines, Kossuth Square, and the deceased was lifted out of the platform and the train by firefighters.

Police measures

The police initiated proceedings against 14 persons nationwide in 14 cases between 6 pm on 31 December 2021 and 6 am on 1 January 2022 for an infringement related to a pyrotechnic article. In connection with the use of these products, one serious accident and five minor injuries were reported to the police.

In Bakonyszentlászló, Győr-Moson-Sopron County, a fireworks exploded in the hands of a man who was seriously injured as a result. Improper operation of a user’s fireworks caused minor injuries in Szolnok, Nyírcsahoj, Nemeskolt and Ajka. Damage caused by fireworks on the side of a car in the shutter of a property in Békés county, in Vas county – read the police statement.

(Cover image: National Directorate-General for Disaster Management)

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