Kamil Majchrzak wins and Poland is leading with Greece

Kamil Majchrzak wins and Poland is leading with Greece
Kamil Majchrzak wins and Poland is leading with Greece

Despite some problems in the second set Kamil Majchrzak he did not give his rival from Greece the slightest chance. He had a distinct advantage. He ended the meeting in 18 minutes.

However, it was to be expected. The greatest success Pervolarakisa is participating in ATP Cup tournaments. Earnings? For eight singles and doubles matches – not a single victory.

The 25-year-old tennis player is ranked 399th in the ATP ranking, the highest ranked position higher. The Greeks, however, do not have a better tennis player on the second racket.

Both players played together almost three years ago in the Davis Cup. Of course, Majchrzak was the top one.

Today, the Pole is classified on the 117th position in the ATP. The difference in ranking was visible on the court, especially in the first set. Majchrzak won it without any problems, in 26 minutes. He lost one game, gave his rival no chance to break the service.

Unexpected troubles came in the second set. The 25-year-old tennis player from Piotrków Trybunalski started him 2-0, but then lost three games and lost 2: 3. The Greek believed in himself, he played very well.

Majchrzak responded to this small crisis by winning the game at his own site to 0, and then breaking his opponent’s pass. He lost one more game, won the set 6: 4. He gave Poland an important victory.

Poland is leading 1-0. The second match against Greece is underway. It was supposed to be a hit in which the ATP ranked ninth Hubert Hurkacz he was supposed to play against the fourth Stefanosem Tstitsipasem. But the leader in the rivals’ team gave up the performance a few minutes before this match. So the Wimbledon semi-finalist plays with the 20-year-old Aristotelisem Thanosem.

If the Wrocław citizen is victorious, the Biało-Czerwoni will be sure of victory. In the event of a defeat, the decision will be made in a doubles match. At the moment, Mikhail Pervolarakis with Stefanos Tstitsipas and Szymon Walków with Jan Zieliński.

In the first match of the Polish group Argentina beat Georgia 3-0.

Olgierd Kwiatkowski

Kamil Majchrzak – Michail Pervolarakis 6: 1, 6: 4

Matches to be played:

Hubert Hurkacz – Stefanos Tsitsipas

Szymon Walków / Jan Zieliński – Michail Pervolarakis / Stefanos Tsitsipas

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