Portuguese Air Force transported 803 patients in 2021, the highest number in recent years – News

In a statement issued today that branch of the Portuguese Armed Forces informs that, this year, which ends in hours, it has transported 751 people in need of urgent medical care, in 584 missions carried out “between islands of each archipelago, between the archipelagos and the Continent and between the foreigner and Portugal”.

“It was the highest number registered in recent years, representing 112 more people than in 2020”, he stresses.

In addition, the Air Force also rescued 26 people who were on board vessels and carried out 37 search and rescue missions, which saved 26 people, on land and at sea.

In the current year, the Air Force reveals that it carried out “38 transports of organs for transplantation”.

The communiqué also states that this year it had 725 flight hours in airspace surveillance missions, 193 maritime surveillance missions in national and international territory and 160 reconnaissance and assessment missions, as part of the Special Device for Combating Rural Fires.

In addition to these, “the Air Force continued to comply with international commitments” with international organizations such as NATO, UN and European Union, “integrating Distinguished National Forces in missions in different operational theaters, such as MINUSMA (in Mali), NATO ENHANCED AIR POLICING 2021 (in Lithuania) and FRONTEX (in Malaga), concludes the same note.


Portuguese Air Force transported patients highest number years News

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