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In 95% of cases, fabulous salaries in Romania are associated with higher education, business managers, doctors, lawyers and, possibly, in marketing or advertising. Almost suspiciously, however, there are positions with salaries of 10,000 lei per month that do not oblige you to college. Instead, you have to be good at it.

Depending on the field in which you work, experience may matter more or less. It may or may not be reflected in the salary. But there are some trades in which experience is vital, it defines you as a person and a professional. One such job is that of a sommelier, a person with advanced knowledge of wine. He knows how to smell, taste and, most importantly, recommend a wine. She is able to justify investing in fabulous bottles.

The faculty does not help you in this job of 10,000 lei

There are many sommelier courses, and often not even a fabulous investment. But we are not all made for it, and this is where the experience comes in. If you have some famous restaurants on your CV, a sommelier’s salary can exceed 10,000 lei net per month.

“Salaries for such positions may vary depending on the experience and knowledge gained throughout the career. For example, in the case of those who work as sommelier, the prestige of the restaurant also matters. Depending on this aspect, a sommelier can exceed a net salary of 10,000 lei per month “, said Raluca Dumitra, head of the marketing department within eJobs.

Even without higher education, there are still good and very good jobs in casinos. A croupier can earn an average of 3700 lei, to which are added considerable tips, depending on the location where you work and traffic. If there are many people who try their luck and manage to generate significant income, almost every time, they share it with the dealer, the person who brought them luck.

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