Patriarch Daniel, message for Romanians at the first service in 2022

Patriarch Daniel, message for Romanians at the first service in 2022
Patriarch Daniel, message for Romanians at the first service in 2022

“The life, health and time of our earthly life are gifts received from God, but they must be preserved and cultivated with great care, humility and wisdom, for the personal good, of the family and of the society in which we live. The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church proclaimed 2022 as the Year of Homage to Prayer in the Life of the Church and of the Faithful and the Year of Remembrance of the Hesychastic Saints Simeon the New Theologian, Gregory Palamas and Paisie of Neamt. by the presence of the merciful love of God, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the love of God the Father and by the communion of the Holy Spirit “, said PF Daniel.

Patriarch Daniel, I urge you to pray

The BOR leader urged prayer for the “hasty” cessation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let us pray more to God for the speedy end of the current pandemic, so that we can live and work naturally and freely. Let us have full confidence in the power of prayer and much responsibility for our own health and that of our fellow men. Let us pray to God. to bless the crown of the year we have entered and to give to the Romanian people in the country, in the vicinity of its borders and in the Romanian diaspora strong faith, peace and joy, the abundance of the fruits of the earth and much help in all good deeds “, concluded Patriarch Daniel.

On the night between the years, in all the places of prayer of the Romanian Orthodox Church, a service of thanksgiving and blessing of the beginning of the new calendar year is performed.

According to the Romanian Patriarchate, the ordinance established by the Holy Synod in 2011 provides for the reading of the Akathist of our Lord Jesus Christ, because on January 1 we remember the moment when the Son of God, incarnate, received the name of Jesus. Jesus means “God saves” in Hebrew, and is pronounced about 200 times in Akathist.

The service that takes place on the night of the passing of the years also includes the prayer of Saint Ephraim the Syrian to the Savior, a prayer of thanksgiving, two prayers to enter the new year – one of the Romanian and Slavic liturgical tradition (which will also be read at the Te Deum service). officiated after the Holy Mass on the first day of the year) and another in the Greek tradition.

On Saturday, January 1, the Circumcision of the Lord and Saint Basil the Great is celebrated. The liturgy of Saint Basil the Great is celebrated 10 times a year: January 1 and 5, March 20 and 27, April 3, 10, 17, 28 and 30, December 25, reports Agerpres.

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