Summary of 2021. Firefighters extinguished a total of over 106 thousand. fires

– W 2021 r. the total number of fires decreased by over 22 thousand., from 128,752 in 2020 to 106,446. The number of victims of the fires has increased, in 2020 there were 489, and in 2021 515 – spokesman of the chief commandant of the State Fire Service, Brigadier, said on Saturday Krzysztof Batorski.

Last year was also more fires in residential buildings. According to the data of the State Fire Service, 33,862 of them exploded (in 2020 there were 31,494 of them), and the number of their victims also increased and amounted to 421 (a year earlier, there were 359 victims).

However, according to data from the State Fire Service, fires are only a part of the events that firefighters dealt with last year.

– Compared to 2020 the number of all activities carried out by the fire brigade in 2021 decreased by 3.5 thousand., from 583,251 to 579,659 – said Krzysztof Batorski.

In this number – apart from fires – they were also found departures of firefighters for traffic accidents, but also transporting people to hospitals or for vaccinations and help provided by firefighters to animals. Together non-firefighting activities were 428,008 in 2021, ie by 14,146 more than the year before.

The number of false alarms has also increased – from 40,637 to 45,205 – said the spokesman of the chief commander of the State Fire Service.

Firefighters initially summed up the New Year’s Eve in the country. – They went to events 1001 times, of which 610 times to fires and 245 to local events. Unfortunately, there were also 146 false alarms, said Brigadier Krzysztof Batorski.

In the Kozienice poviat, in the village of Bąkowiec, around 9 p.m. there was a fire in a residential building. “Unfortunately, there is one fatality,” said the firefighter. – Overall, 3 people were injured in the fires alone. 7 people died in connection with other events (including traffic accidents), 39 people needed medical assistance – Batorski noted.

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