New Year’s Eve: Suspects of theft and robbery are detained in Copacabana

RIO — The Municipal Guard had already detained, until 8:30 pm on New Year’s Eve, at least 10 suspects accused of thefts and robberies on the shores of Copacabana. According to the city hall, the vast majority of those involved in the crimes are teenagers. All were taken to the 12th DP (Copacabana).

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The commander of the Municipal Guard, Inspector General José Ricardo Soares da Silva urged people to be careful and avoid exposing cell phones and wallets.

— We ask the population to take care of their belongings. Let them not come with anything exposed, because there are thefts and robberies,” said the inspector.

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The agents curbed attempts at theft, seized goods and ordered a kiosk located near Rua República do Peru to remove a pen in the sand.

“A kiosk tried to occupy the sand strip and we made them remove the bars, since no enclosures are allowed,” Silva said.

Security cameras

A structure with 20 cameras was set up on Rua República do Peru. On site, agents from the PM, GM and CET-Rio monitor everything that happens between Leme and Copacabana in 360 degrees. It was in this place that O GLOBO captured the moment when a teenager, wearing a Santa Claus hat, robbed a woman. The teenager, who was accompanied by two other boys, was taken to the DPCA detachment, based at the Elderly Police Station, in Copacabana.

— We helped to find them with the help of these cameras — says Rubens Ribeiro, responsible for the camera monitoring company.

He tells how the surveillance space works:

— This structure began to be assembled on December 27th. In all, we’ve assembled 20 high-resolution cameras with a zoom range of up to 100 meters. Here we have PM, GM, an operator from CET-Rio. This year is very calm, because we manage to get as much of a possible theft as possible and alert the PM or GM. These cameras range from Leme to Copacabana.

Policing and patrolling are reinforced in several streets in Copacabana and Ipanema. In practically all the streets of both neighborhoods, there are vehicles of the PM and the Guard. In the meantime, at the Integrated Command and Control Center (CICC) the Military Police monitors the 160 soldiers who use cameras during the party that takes place along the coast of Copacabana

According to the PM, the “santa claus” participated in a trawler and managed to steal belongings from at least five people. At the monitoring center it is possible to notice large groups of people who are practicing robberies on the beach. To mislead, criminals wear more than one shirt to avoid getting caught.

stolen by teenagers

While walking along the waterfront with three friends, 21-year-old student Renan Prado reported having been robbed by a gang of teenagers passing by the Copacabana Palace.

“We passed a group of more than ten teenagers, who surrounded us and pushed us around. It was all very fast. I reached into my pocket and saw that my wallet was gone. In addition to the documents and R$ 180, I lost the mood for the New Year — lamented the resident of Botafogo.

One of his colleagues almost lost his belongings either. This was the case of João Gabriel Fernandes:

“Someone pulled my string, but I managed to hold it and they didn’t take it, only it broke.

Resident of Petrópolis, civil servant Márcia Roberta Pereira, 37, came with her son Miguel Pereira Campos Filipe, 7 years old, to see the fireworks in Copacabana. The woman said she was scared.

“I’m scared by the amount of robberies. I just witnessed a robbery in front of me. Many of them smaller, the size of my seven-year-old son. Even with this amount of police, all these crimes. It’s frightening and impressive the face of the people who are assaulting – he said.

Around 11:00 pm, the municipal secretary of Public Order Breno Carnevalle, accompanied by a team of municipal guards, monitored the waterfront in front of Rua Fernando Mendes. He reckons that the city’s proposal to make people watch fireworks close to their homes worked, avoiding crowding in Copacabana.

— The organization comes from inspections of charters and from the blockades made at the entrances to the neighborhood. Preventively, we notified some kiosks that were making playpen and, with the warning, they adjusted. We also apprehended crates that were being assembled for clandestine events, as well as irregular goods. We have just led to the police station four people with cords and materials that are possibly from theft – said the secretary.

According to him, despite the smaller audience than in other years, the folder works with a permanent staff to receive a traditional New Year’s Eve in Copacabana.

The 12th DP (Copacabana) reported that up to 9:30 pm three records of occurrences involving robberies and thefts were recorded at the unit. The district also said that some minors were taken to the scene, checked and there was nothing against them. Some cases of robberies, involving tourists, were taken to the Tourist Service Police (Deat). During the night, the 13th DP (Ipanema) will also act as the Central de Flagrante.

The city of Rio also demobilized this Friday two irregular events that were being prepared on the sands of Arpoador beach and Copacabana. At first, agents from the Public Order Secretariat (Seop) found an area with wood stored in the sand, loudspeakers and 2,578 drinks, disposable items and food.

In Copacabana, municipal guards prevented an event at Posto 5. At the site, agents caught sight of a large structure with tables, chairs, speakers and equipment for a concert. The equipment was also seized.

Firefighters work on releasing other events

In addition to the fireworks display in the city of Rio, the Fire Department is still working on the night of the 31st to release other events in the state. These are cases of events that requested authorization from the Fire Department at the beginning of the month, but the corporation asked for adjustments, which should have been remedied two days ago. According to the commander of the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department and Secretary of State for Civil Defense, Colonel Leandro Monteiro, two events on Ilha da Gigóia, in Barra da Tijuca, were banned. One of them would feature a concert by the singer Ludmilla.

— We have a team on duty analyzing various processes and our idea is to release them as soon as possible. These events should have entered two business days in advance. I made an exception because cities are full of tourists. There are people who are filing the legalization process this evening. We’re working and we don’t want to disturb anyone’s New Year’s Eve. But that they enjoy the party safely and respecting the current legislation – said the commander of CBMERJ.

Since the beginning of the New Year’s Eve operation, on the 29th, the city of Rio has seized 5,277 irregular items on the beaches of Copacabana, Leme and Ipanema. The items are from street vendors who worked without authorization or from clandestine deposits hidden in the sand on the beaches, some buried, and in vehicles. Seop teams caught several vehicles that served as irregular warehouse of goods, some in a state of disrepair and in poor condition. On Rua Gustavo Sampaio, in Leme, an ice truck was spotted with an adulterated license plate and removed to the public warehouse.

Also, 261 vehicles were towed for disrespecting the restriction rules along the Copacabana and Leme shores.

Blockades prevented entry of 14 chartered vehicles

Since the 30th, the entry of chartered vehicles in the city of Rio has been prohibited. During the roadblocks and rounds carried out on the main access roads to Rio, the city hall approached 142 vehicles, which resulted in the return of 14 chartered vehicles caught by the teams (six buses and eight vans). At the Rodoviária, Seop teams also apprehended five vehicles that used pirated transport.

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