There are ski slopes on the roads GAZAS.LT

There are ski slopes on the roads GAZAS.LT
There are ski slopes on the roads GAZAS.LT

The Lithuanian Road Administration reported that the main roads in the country are mostly wet.

Plagled ice has formed in some places in north-eastern Lithuania on regional roads with higher traffic intensity. Elsewhere in the country, these roads are wet, slippery with slippery snow.

The lower-traffic district roads across the country are rugged, slippery, and in places covered with a layer of compressed or loose snow.

Most of the country currently has fog or light rain, only in southwestern and southern Lithuania without significant rainfall. Air temperature – from 2 to 6 degrees heat.

According to the Hydrometeorological Service, in many areas during the day there are intermittent rainfall, with rain turning into drizzle or snow.

The air temperature in the first half of the day will reach 2 to 6 degrees. Later the weather will freeze. In the evening the temperature will be from 0 degrees to 5 degrees below zero. Scalds will form in many places.


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