Thousands of newcomers to Palanga were disappointed: they did not receive fireworks

Thousands of newcomers to Palanga were disappointed: they did not receive fireworks
Thousands of newcomers to Palanga were disappointed: they did not receive fireworks

“It simply came to our notice then. We really didn’t want to cancel the fireworks, we waited until the last minute hoping the fog might dissipate anyway. Unfortunately. We are sorry, ”wrote the mayor of Palanga municipality Šarūnas Vaitkus on the social network.

However, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, not everyone used Facebook, so the crowd rushed to J. Basanavičiaus Street. All the suburbs of the resort and the surrounding towns were empty – all rushing to the sea. Just before midnight, thousands of cheerful citizens were sailing at the entrances to the bridge, who could not believe that the traditional spectacle had been taken away from them.

The Holy One also emptied. There was only one other random passer-by walking in the settlement, only a few cars were driving through the streets. Police officers checked the sobriety of all drivers. They were all sober.

And at that time in Palanga, people were floating by the sea. On the beach, many prepared to buy fireworks and waited until midnight. As the clocks struck, twelve squares of Jūratė and Kastytis were drowned in smoke, bottles of sparkling wine were unclogged, and the audience giggled and greeted each other.

True, one careless “pyrotechnician” fired his fireworks at the entrances to the bridge, several rockets scattered in all directions, frightening the gathered New Year’s greeters. Fortunately, injuries have been avoided.

Algirdas Budginas, the head of the Palanga Police Commissariat, noticed that the audience gathered in Palanga this year is already different. “Very calm people, came with families, with children. One another brought champagne, the bottles of which were uncapped during the beating of twelve, but no drunk and aggressive companies were noticed. Maybe we are already learning to celebrate by consuming alcohol in moderation? ”The official said.

True, not everyone calculated their forces. One young man who drank too much alcohol and felt unwell had to call in doctors, who were accompanied to the bridge by a police car. The young man was taken to hospital.

One woman was in no way able to call a taxi. Therefore, police officers were turned to for help. Soon a German shepherd came to the police station, who, according to his owner, was not afraid of fireworks at all. Although the puppy was shaking, the shots made him squat and squat with his tail pounding, the owner claiming to be the only dog ​​not afraid to shoot.

After half an hour the crowd began to divide. Some returned to rented apartments in Palanga, others rushed to Šventoji, Klaipėda and other cities. Continue to New Year’s Eve. At the same time, young people flocked to the nightclubs of Palanga.

However, police officers kept a close eye on the crowd and also left car drivers unattended. The man driving the Range Rover on Vytauto Street did not miss the pedestrians crossing the pedestrian crossing. The person driving the car with British numbers was later stopped. They wanted to make sure that they did not commit any traffic violations when they returned to Lithuania, and no stationary speedometer was recorded.

As the New Year’s greeters parted, a light breeze blew through the fog. About the first hour the sky was clear.

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