Impressive New Year’s Eve in Vilnius: drunk people rage, even a psychiatrist

New Year’s Eve, as always, was restless in Vilnius. Drunken men struggled both with their own people and with strangers, and drunken.

At about 8 p.m., only patrols on their way to the route received a message that an overdosed woman was lying in the toilet at the bus station and urgently needed the help of medics and officials.

The woman’s life was saved and doctors managed to inject drugs that neutralize the effects of the drug. The recovered citizen initially tried to explain that she had just fallen asleep on the floor by the toilet, that she was fine, but later admitted to using drugs.

9:18 p.m. officers received a level A report, it was stated that police assistance was urgently needed – Mechanikų str. fights are taking place in the dormitory. The speaker said that she had come to the guests and did not know the exact address, the owner of the apartment would not let her out of the house with her friend.

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Officers who arrived at the scene found out that the youth company had multiplied its alcohol and had no claims against each other anymore. The heavily intoxicated guy had his head cracked and dried blood was visible on his face. The injured told officials he had accidentally hit his head with a friend and broke his head. The medics took the young man to a medical institution.

Only the liberated officers on Sodų Street were stopped by an alarmed woman, who, knocking on the window, told her that the man had lost consciousness. As it turned out, he started having an allergic reaction to the shrimp he had eaten. The arriving medics took the man to the hospital, saying that he would be fine due to the quick reaction.

During the New Year’s Eve, fires were not possible in Vilnius. A fire broke out in an apartment building on Karaliaučiaus Street, and it was reported that smoke was coming from the apartment on the 7th floor. A large force of firefighters and police officers rushed to the scene. It turned out that there were no people in the apartment, an electric appliance was on the inside. Fortunately, people did not suffer during the fire.

Drunk driver

A little over half an hour before the New Year, a completely drunk driver got stuck in Vilnius, Pilaitė. Police patrols have spotted a slow-moving Toyota Avensis. At the intersection, the car went off and then moved again at an extremely low speed. Officials decided to check the driver who caused the suspicion.

The man (born in 1979), when asked whether he drank, admitted to drinking about an hour ago. “I live nearby, I park my car, and that’s it,” said the obviously very drunk driver.

He seems to have been drinking quite recently as he has been getting drunk. A bottle of bitters rolled down in the cabin of the car, chewed pieces of sausage on the passenger’s seat, and on the floor. The man did not want to check his breathalyzer and hand over the car key. After only two warnings of impending liability, he blew into the breathalyzer – 3.05 prom. Fifteen minutes after the second check, the driver was even more drunk – 3.26 prom.

The fireworks injured a 14-year-old

As soon as we crossed into 2022, the first report was received and it was about fireworks. 00.01 a large group of people are firing fireworks at the Railway Street, on a pedestrian bridge.

00.08 the man was reported to have had a leg injured on Architektų Street. Doctors who arrived at the scene found that the crash had caused a toe bruise. The woman at the scene said the firecracker, which injured the man, was fired by other people, they apologized after the incident and left.

Also 00.28. was informed that in Vilnius district, Rūkainiai village, persons fired fireworks and injured a woman. According to the speaker, the 58-year-old woman was hit in the chest and needed medical help.

A minor was also affected by the fireworks. It was stated that 1:14 p.m. Putiniškių st. A 14-year-old hit his face with fireworks.

Violence and fighting

After midnight, people started raging, and the officers did not have time to drive through the events. From 24 hours until 6 p.m. In the morning, Vilnius County officials received as many as 261 reports.

Ukmergės st. 6-7 people crashed in the stairwell of an apartment building. The woman in the company was pushed so hard that she lost consciousness when she slammed into the door. The rapporteur said the woman, who had fallen slightly asleep, was picked up and the whole company abruptly withdrew.

People got so pale that they even forgot their young children. Speakers said one child was left in the stairwell and another in an apartment.

About 1:30 p.m. a man beaten in Saltoniškių Street was reported. Officers who arrived at the scene found out that a security guard had been attacked in the dormitory of the Žirmūnai Vocational Training Center. The disaster said two or three young people had arrived, did not know what caused the conflict, and they were furious. It is said that the young people not only broke the computers, the barrier and the Christmas tree, but also how the beast kicked and beat the elderly worker with his hands.

© DELFI / Erika Venckutė

The doctors who arrived were horrified, the man’s face was badly injured, and his head was cracked, and he was taken to the hospital. Suspects wanted.

A 43-year-old woman was raging in an apartment on Šaltkalvių Street. The rapporteur said that her girlfriend was smashing everything and hurting herself with glass. It turns out that the aggrieved citizen works as a doctor in a psychiatric hospital.

About 2.40 p.m. A woman was stopped by patrolling officers in Kaunas Street, and she said that she had met an elderly man in her pajamas while walking, fearing that her old man might freeze, and called the police for help. The man appears to have escaped from a hospital on J. Jablonskio Street. He was very reluctant to go back, began to say that the doctors wanted to kill him, and the man demanded that he be taken home or stopped by a car and ordered to be transported. Still, the old man was taken back to the treatment facility.

Rampant bars and nightclubs

About 3 p.m. A report was received that in Kaunas Street, near the bar “Kablys”, two guys attacked a man, beat him in the middle of the street and stripped him naked. Witnesses said the suspects escaped and the disaster entered the stairs of the house. Neither the injured nor those who beat him were found.

A sleeping man was found on the street of Vilnius, near the bar “La Birra”. The guy who multiplied the alcohol didn’t focus on where he is and what’s going on. Officials provided social assistance to the foreign national and took him to a nearby hotel. The ex-girlfriend claimed the guy was a soldier from Germany.

A very aggressive man started raging on A. Stulginskio Street, near Pramogų Bankas. The speaker said he was clinging to people, knocking one of them out. Upon arrival at the scene, the suspect was not going to calm down, even handcuffed, trying to injure the people around him. The man was detained and the victim was referred to medics.

There were no events at night in the night club “Metelica”. The employee reported that the customer broke the table and did not want to pay for it. While the officers explained the circumstances of the incident, fights took place in the club, the officers had to call for help from colleagues.

There were also fights between customers at the Metro Bar. The speaker said that a stranger hit the man in the back with a mug and cracked his eyebrow.

Officials say this New Year’s night was spectacular. The police, who worked all night without a stop, only got a chance to eat in the morning.

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