Fortaleza’s edge has a quiet movement on New Year’s Eve; see photos – Metro

Fortaleza’s edge has a quiet movement on New Year’s Eve; see photos – Metro
Fortaleza’s edge has a quiet movement on New Year’s Eve; see photos – Metro

Even without an official celebration, the Aterro da Praia de Iracema, in Fortaleza, welcomes the population to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022. Families and groups of friends take food, drinks and support tents to accompany the arrival of the new year on the beach.

Legend: Landfill of Praia de Iracema received population even without official celebration

Photo: Thiago Gadelha

In anticipation of the arrival of 2022, the population enjoys music and outdoor environments at other points along the shore.

Gathered on the sand, Leandro Santana, 37, says he has no time to return to the hotel where he is staying. “This year I went back with my family to get to know them too, I followed them and saw that there wasn’t going to be (New Year’s)”, he points out.


Legend: Families even prepare a barbecue to celebrate the arrival of the new year

Photo: Thiago Gadelha

Despite knowing the restrictions, the group chose to keep planning to celebrate the new year in Fortaleza. “We had already planned to come anyway. Regardless of the turnaround party, we are the ones who make the party”, emphasizes the club manager.

In reference to the party that reverberated on social networks, the Sombra family and friends also gather at the place. “This year we decided to make the Farofa da Ossi, inspired by the Farofa da Gkay. We will stay here until the last one comes out”, emphasizes professor Adriano Sombra, 40 years old.

sand strip

Legend: Family groups are organized on the strip of sand where it would be an official party during a period without a pandemic

Photo: Thiago Gadelha

Cearenses and tourists transited earlier, on the night of this Friday (31), through the fortress shore in a much smaller flow than observed in the years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

THE Northeast Diary he toured Beira Mar, Rua dos Tabajaras, Dragão do Mar, Flávio Ponte Amphitheater, Fish Market, Praia do Futuro and other points of traditional movement in capital.

Part of the restaurants in Varjota are closed and the others are open with few customers. Bus terminals, such as those at Antônio Bezerra and Papicu, had low traffic.

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Noisy fireworks are prohibited in Fortaleza
Pomegranate and fruit pits on a dark background'

In common, the places draw attention by the calm this New Year’s Eve. Teams from the Fortaleza Inspection Agency were observed (Aphis), Besides policing.

Two days ago, the couple Gleice Santana and Adílio Silva left Ilhéus, Bahia, to a hotel near the Iracema Beach. “We are not sure if there will be a fireworks display, we are hoping to have it for us to watch and go back to the hotel”, comments the 33-year-old sales consultant.


Legend: No clustering spots were seen in the early evening

Photo: Thiago Gadelha

Both visited Fortaleza in previous periods and decided to do not give up of the trip even with the restrictions due to the pandemic.

“Here there are many natural beauties, I already know Jericoacoara, I really like the climate of the beach and the city. I had no other option, everything was already booked, so we really had to come”, concludes Gleice Santana.

enjoy the Sea bath on the Ceará coast also motivated the visit of Silene Araújo and Luiz Carlos Farias, from São José dos Campos, in São Paulo. “We haven’t been here for 2 years. It’s very good on the shore, we like the beaches. Fortaleza is cozy”, concludes merchant Silene Araújo, 49 years old.

Silene and Luiz

Legend: Coming to Fortaleza at the end of the year is a tradition for the couple Silene and Luiz

Photo: Thiago Gadelha

Because of this coziness, the Capital is the New Year’s Eve destination for the couple 10 years ago. “We understand (not having a party at the Aterro), but there are beaches and other things to do. Next year there will be another one, what matters is for us to be healthy”, he ponders. The couple stays in Ceará until January 6th.

Scenario for street vendors

This year, the 26-year-old self-employed Gabriel Soares returned to the shores of Fortaleza. Seven years ago, he participated in the party that took place before the pandemic. “It’s not like the previous years when there was a crowd, it’s like a normal day”, he observes.


Legend: Population seeks alternative entertainment amidst the lack of traditional party at Aterro da Praia de Iracema

Photo: Thiago Gadelha

Due to the low turnover, Gabriel estimates that he will earn up to R$ 500 from the sale of corn. In other years, the merchant remembers having earned around R$4,000 from sales on the beach.

“I believe it will move more, that people will come and enjoy it with the family. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and so we’ll get on with life,” he adds.

Christmas Eve

Legend: Orla welcomes tourists and local people on this New Year’s Eve 2022

Photo: Thiago Gadelha

Cultural turn

Legend: Cultural tour with live music

Photo: Thiago Gadelha


Legend: Amphitheater brings together those who want to celebrate in an open, uncrowded space

Photo: Thiago Gadelha


Legend: Antônio Bezerra Terminal has few public transport users

Photo: Thiago Gadelha


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