Countries celebrate the arrival of 2022 with fireworks and light shows – International

Countries celebrate the arrival of 2022 with fireworks and light shows – International
Countries celebrate the arrival of 2022 with fireworks and light shows – International

While the Brazilians were making the last preparations for the Christmas Eve, it was 2022 in the Oceania, Asia, Middle East e Europe. The new year was greeted with fireworks in the Australia and on Pacific islands, while the New Zealand opted for a light show in Auckland. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the banks of the London River were canceled from showing. US U.S, the tradition of dropping the ball in Times Square was resumed.

New Zealand replaced the traditional fireworks display in Auckland by an exhibition of lights projected on landmarks, including the Sky Tower and Harbor Bridge, starting at midnight (8:00 am EDT).

In Sydney, Australia’s largest city, thousands of fireworks lit the sky over the Harbor Bridge and Opera House at New Year’s Eve (10:00 GMT). Despite having a public again, after the closure caused by the pandemic in 2020, the number of people who followed it was smaller than in the pre-pandemic years, when around 1 million people used to gather in the city.

Countries in Asia and the Pacific region are the first to celebrate each new year because of the international date line. Pacific Islands as Samoa, Marshall Islands, Fiji and others also welcomed the new year with fireworks and celebrations.

In many places, New Year’s Eve celebrations were canceled for the second year in a row due to the outbreak of covid-19 driven by Ômicron variant.

In the UAE, Dubai it also welcomed the year 2022 with fireworks next to the iconic Burj Khalifa tower, the largest building ever built by human beings.

Fireworks were also present at the Russian New Year’s party. The artistic exhibition took place at St. Basil’s Cathedral, postcard of Moscow, and in the Tower of the Savior.

In Berlin, in Germany, the party underwent changes due to the pandemic. The traditional party at the Brandenburg Gate took place without an audience and could only be watched on TV. The event featured a list of live bands and DJs. Poland, New Year’s Eve also began to be celebrated with a concert organized by Polish Television, the country’s communication company.

This year, London replaced the fireworks with lights and lasers, which were displayed by the Millennium Bridge that spans the River Thames, against the backdrop of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. The traditional fireworks display on the London Eye Ferris wheel has been canceled for the second year in a row to prevent crowds from gathering during the country’s current coronavirus outbreak.

Madrid allowed only 7,000 people to watch the fireworks display in the square in the center of the city, Puerta del Sol, a space that traditionally receives an audience of 20,000.

A crowd of 15,000 spectators gathered for the countdown that marks the crash of the crystal ball in Times Square, New York City. The 2022 arrival in the United States was celebrated with hugs, kisses and the clink of mugs under the confetti lit up by electronic billboards.

No Japan, the advance of the pandemic caused the government to cancel some of the main New Year attractions, which did not stop hundreds of people from taking to the streets of Tokyo in an attempt to cross the Shibuya crossing. At the Hasedera Buddhist temple in Kamakura, 6,500 candles were lit.

On China, the government of Shanghai canceled public events, including an annual light show along the Huangpu River in the city center, which often draws hundreds of thousands of spectators. There were no plans for public festivities in Beijing, where popular temples have been closed or have had limited access since mid-December. The government has urged people to avoid leaving the Chinese capital, if possible, and is demanding tests for travelers arriving from infected areas.

in the capital of South Korea, Only, the annual New Year’s bell ringing ceremony was canceled for the second year in a row due to an increase in the number of covid cases. Officials said a pre-recorded video of this year’s ringing bells ceremony would be streamed online and on television.

THE Vietnam also canceled fireworks shows and celebrations. In Hanoi, authorities closed the central streets while in the city of Ho Chi Minh, the public was prohibited from watching live countdown presentations, which should be shown on social media.

Despite the risk of the pandemic, some Asian countries avoided imposing new restrictions. In Hong Kong, for example, about 3,000 people must attend a show with local attractions, including the boy band Mirror. The show will be the first major New Year’s Eve event held in the country since 2018, after those canceled in 2019 due to political conflicts, and in 2020 because of the pandemic./ With information from AP

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