Index – Sports – No one has been as good as LeBron James at such an old age

Index – Sports – No one has been as good as LeBron James at such an old age
Index – Sports – No one has been as good as LeBron James at such an old age

43, 37, 32, 39, 36, 34, 31.

This line of numbers isn’t the Da Vinci Code, not even a quote from BKK’s bus schedule, it’s quite another: that’s how many points LeBron James scored in the last seven games of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA’s regular 2021-2022 regular season. And most beautifully, the California Guard has lost five of these seven matches despite their superhuman performance. The Lakers are still only eighth in the Western Main Group with a negative 18/19, just on the verge of playoffs.

In vain, basketball is a sport where a lot of geese beat pigs, a swallow doesn’t make a summer, and we could list the bumpy clichés until morning, all of which detract from the genius of James, now 37 years old. Because today’s biggest basketball player – who’s lurking very tightly around the neck of phenomenal Michael Jordan in the race for the title of Best of All Time – turned thirty-week on Thursday, December 30th and greeted himself with a not-so-tasteful, yet arguably spectacular Instagram post:

If we spin the self-incense post, there’s a cigar here, a gang of golden crowns, and the name of it all is that King James, so excessive modesty, was never one of LeBron’s unforgivable character flaws. But it must be acknowledged that if the saying “I would be humble, but for nothing” is true to someone, it is definitely our hero. Here’s another glorification post, this time not by itself:

Because it’s really superhuman the way he can keep the misguided Lakers on the surface of the water, plus the other superstar, Anthony Davis, has fallen out of line for a long time. (Russell Westbrook, who has been named third member of the Big Three, could only be called a superstar with a big exaggeration, even if he scattered the triple doubles.)

New Year’s Eve 43 points (plus 14 rebounds and zero balls sold in just 29 minutes …) to beat 139-106 Portland Trailblazers, who are also terribly reserve, including Yusuf Nurkics and CJ McCollum, specifically the most points as a basketball player aged 37 or over in the NBA. If you like, age points record. One amazing basket from Friday’s game:

Jamesen won’t have time. He has now produced a series of at least seven matches in his career for the fifth time, when he has thrown over 30 points all seven times and has completed this feat for the first time since 2013. (His individual record is a series of tens of thirty-point games.) This season is a round average of 28 points to put him behind second-placed Kevin Durant – if he had played enough of the match, he had missed twelve of the Lakers ’37 matches so far due to injury. He averaged 29.8 points in December, and there can be no doubt that he will be a player of the month in the NBA, at least in the Western Main Group.

(Cover photo: LeBron James December 29, 2021. Photo: Justin Ford / Getty Images)

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