New Year’s Eve 2022: Private parties in Rio’s hotels, restaurants and postcards, such as Morro da Urca and Cristo Redentor, are packed at the turn of the year

RIO — After the 2020/2021 New Year’s Eve celebration took place without major parties, cariocas and tourists seem to have decided to make up for it at the turn of 2022, proving that this year was not the same as the one that passed. Private parties held in hotels, restaurants and postcards in the city, such as Morro da Urca and Cristo Redentor, were crowded. Many tickets sold out weeks and even months before December arrived. These spaces gave rise to exclusive celebrations, with concerts by famous names such as Lulu Santos and Jorge Aragão.

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If last year many of these parties were held with Covid-19 tests performed at the door, this year it was enough to present proof of vaccination to enjoy New Year’s Eve with family and friends. At midnight, there were many requests for “health to give and sell”. The high-spirited atmosphere dominated the parties in the city and had the sense of leaving behind the chaos and losses caused by the pandemic and the hope of a better year.

From Morro da Urca, guests watched the fireworks display at Praia de Botafogo and also in Niterói. Those on Sugarloaf Mountain had the chance to see the Copacabana fireworks display, the most famous in the world, at almost 400m high, clearly, without the interference of the wind. As they watched the fires bursting in the sky, many couples took vows of undying love. New Year’s Eve there was divided into three different categories: Morro da Urca, Mirante Vip and Gourmet Experience, the last one with access to Sugarloaf Mountain. Tickets cost between R$700 and R$2,090, with the most expensive ones sold out first. After the turn, Jorge Aragão, one of the samba legends, did not let the guests get discouraged. The Mangueira battery, accompanied by dancers, helped to maintain the carnival atmosphere.

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Beauty seen from above: fireworks display in Copacabana seen from the party at Morro da Urca Photo: Fabio Rossi / Agência O Globo

In the Sugarloaf Mountain area, where guests paraded around with plastic glasses of Veuve Clicquot champagne, engineer Danielle Peraza celebrated the arrival of 2022 and the family’s first trip to the pandemic.

— We were going to move from 2020 to 2021 in Rio, but at the last minute we canceled everything because of the pandemic. Now, it’s great to feel that wind of freedom. This trip was also an 18-year-old gift to my daughter, Arielle.

Scottish tourists Russell Macher and Stewart Hay received 2022 as their tradition dictates: wearing a kilt, which draws the attention of Brazilians. For the first time in Rio, they were part of a group of foreigners who also came from Greece and Germany.

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The cascade of fireworks at the Hotel Nacional Photo: Publicity

The Hotel Nacional, which made room for the White Rooftop party, had a 50-metre fireworks cascade, reminiscent of the former Hotel Le Meridien (now Hilton), an attraction in Copacabana that began in 1987 and continued until the beginning of the 2000s. At Nacional, the lights from the fires surrounded the 31 floors of the building, in a total of 50 meters, being seen from several points of São Conrado. There was also a play of lights that projected a giant countdown on the facade. The eagerness for the party was such that, according to the organizers, tickets were sold out in November. On August 24th, the ones that were available in pre-sale for R$ 720 ended in half an hour. Tickets for extra lots were sold for R$ 1,650. Last year, the party also took place, but with Covid-19 tests performed at the door.

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At Cristo Redentor, the year 2022 was welcomed with the Vigil for Peace and Sustainability, which began at 9 pm yesterday. This year, the celebration was attended by 90 people in situations of social vulnerability who never had the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary, in addition to people from social institutions. The Vigil was also a thank you to all the people who participated in the 90th anniversary of the monument to Christ the Redeemer. Soon after, at around 9.30 pm, the Rosary of the Redeemer began. At 11 pm, the Holy Mass will begin, presided over by the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Cardinal Orani João Tempesta. And then there was a toast with water from the Tijuca Forest. The rector of the Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary, Father Omar, also blessed the city:

The Redeemer’s gaze is on the Marvelous City. We cannot fail to reciprocate this divine gaze, turning our attention to the most vulnerable and always identifying new opportunities for consolidating the values ​​we believe. Christ the Redeemer in 2022 will give meaning to all of our lives, bringing about the perfect application of sustainable development in our society.

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Everything was broadcast live on YouTube channels of Cristo Redentor and Father Omar.

From 12:45 am, New Year’s Eve Paineiras guests, which for the first time took place at the Christ Visitors Center, were able to access the monument area. Lulu Santos was the big attraction of the night, right after the comeback. The party also featured shows by Theo Bial, Marcelo Serrado and Samba de Vinil. For the first time, it was possible to see the sunrise on the first day of the year under the blessings of Christ the Redeemer.

At the traditional Copacabana Palace, guests saw the fireworks show after a refined dinner. They said goodbye to 2021 with suppers offered at the Pérgula restaurants, next to the hotel’s iconic swimming pool, and Cipriani, an Italian, was awarded, twice in a row, with a star in the prestigious Michelin Guide. Chef Nello Cassese prepared a tasting menu, which was paired with drinks selected by the hotel’s sommelier, Ed Arruda. Prices per person for the party varied between R$3,850 and R$4,000. At the time of the fireworks, everyone competed for space on the porch.

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On the roof of the Pestana hotel, also in Copacabana, the BMW Rooftop took place, with a gourmet area, drinks, beer and sparkling wine all night, as well as a stage for shows and DJs. At the Fairmont, with a privileged view of the Copacabana waterfront and Pão de Açúcar, the commemoration was accompanied by concerts by various artists, at the edge of the Infinity Pool. The dinner, led by French chef Jérôme Dardillac, included drinks, from caipirinha to Perrier Jouet champagne. All included in the R$3,000 package. At the Jockey Clube, in Gávea, the atmosphere was like carnival. The party featured shows by Monobloco, Chora Me Liga, Primeira Amor and DJ Zullu.

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