UTA shock: eight players on the “blacklist”! Three are already out!

Even today, the head of the FGA in Romania managed to reach an agreement with three of the eight people that Laszlo Balint no longer wants on the team.

Expected separations

So, a day before the New Year, Tomozei, Fl. Ilie and Bustea agreed to leave, so the club’s official website came with the expected announcement.

The management of the UTA club reached, amicably, parting agreements with the players Sorin Bustea, Florin Ilie and Marius Tomozei. The three played an important role in the recent history of our Old Lady, fully contributing to the team’s return to the first stage of Romanian football after more than a decade. We thank them for all they have done for UTA and wish them every success in the future stages of their careers! ”

Three go on loan

Laszlo Balint also wants to get rid of three of the Under 21 players. It’s true, they didn’t even play, so it makes sense to be put on “blacklist”. FGA is looking for a team for Mociu, T. Călin and Măr, they will not even be present at the reunion of the group. That is, unless something spectacular happens in the meantime.

To the liking of the fans

For a long time, Hora and Antal have been disliked by UTA fans. This, even if sometimes they brought important points, but their evolution has been unsatisfactory. Being with the highest salaries, much more was expected from the two. Now, No they have fallen into disgrace to the coach and the contracts will be terminated. Bogdan Apostu explains: I think that by January 10 we will reach an agreement with Ioan Hora, I don’t know what will happen to Liviu Antal “.

If the two do not accept the termination, they will go to the training sessions led by Dinu Donca, just as Marius did TshoulderNo. We can’t even talk about leaving for the Antalya camp, the two stay at home.

First arrival

It is known that Laszlo Balint wants two strikers, and Alexandru Meszar said that they must be among those who have played so far, not injured, as was the case with Wagner. Bogdan Apostu has found a striker in Lithuania, he says he is an important one and he is – already – the UTA player. I mean, only the signature is missing. Most likely, he will be presented by the club after New Year’s Eve!

Otherwise, three more footballers are expected, one of whom is a striker, and the FGA is negotiating for everything to be to the coach’s liking.

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