New York holds New Year’s Eve party in Times Square, against the wishes of the US Government’s leading epidemiologist

New York City is getting ready to move forward on this New Year’s Eve party in Times Square, although there is a growing number of cases of infections in the city with the Omicron variant and the measure is far from be consensual with the health authorities.

The decision to move forward with the holiday season is due to the still ‘mayor’ (mayor) Bill de Blasio, who leaves his post at midnight on Saturday.

The crowd at the New York year-end party will be restricted to 15,000 people, when before the pandemic it held 60,000, and with the indication that everyone must wear a mask.

Bill de Blasio has argued in television shows such as NBC’s “Today” that it is necessary to “send a message to the world” and that “New York City is open”, stressing that “it is very important not to give up” face the harmful effects of the pandemic.

The decision of the ‘mayor’ of New York runs counter to those of other North American cities that have decided to cancel year-end events, such as San Francisco or Atlanta.

And it also goes against the nominations of Anthony Fauci, the White House health adviser, who said he approved of small meetings on New Year’s Eve, between people from the same family and above all already vaccinated against covid, but made a clear appeal to Americans not to attend large events with crowds.

“If you have plans to go to a ‘New Year’s party’ with 40 to 50 people, with everyone hugging and kissing each other wishing you a happy new year, I strongly recommend that you don’t do that this year,” said Fauci, quoted. by the newspaper “The Guardian”.

But Bill De Blasio later reacted to the decision not to cancel the holiday party, saying that city health officials “believe this is the right way to do it.”

Data released this Thursday show a record of infections in recent days in the state of New York, totaling more than 7,700 hospitalized, a number with a tendency to grow.

“As we approach the New Year, it is vitally important not to let our guard down in our fight against the pandemic,” warned New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Also the man preparing to assume the role of ‘mayor’ of New York, Eric Adams, has canceled the inauguration party, despite keeping the swearing-in ceremony scheduled in Times Square.

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