Arthur Chioro says Bolsonaro’s “bestiality” is undermining the success of vaccines in Brazil

Arthur Chioro says Bolsonaro’s “bestiality” is undermining the success of vaccines in Brazil
Arthur Chioro says Bolsonaro’s “bestiality” is undermining the success of vaccines in Brazil
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By Cida Oliveira, on Rede Brasil Atual – Former Health Minister Arthur Chioro claims that President Jair Bolsonaro, with “his bestiality”, is undermining the credibility of immunization in Brazil. And this is not just in relation to vaccination against covid-19, but also to the set of diseases. “Brazil, which had a certificate for the eradication of diseases such as polio, measles and was on the way to eradicating rubella, will once again experience deplorable conditions. We are going to have the growth of tuberculosis and other serious diseases that are preventable by vaccine again. This is unacceptable”, he said in his participation in TVT’s Bom para Todos program.

“I hear from health managers that coverage of MMR, tuberculosis, tetanus and all the others has dropped a lot. This is because there is an insidious campaign, all the time, that starts to plant in people’s minds the idea that the vaccine is bad.

According to the public health doctor, who was Health Minister in the second term of President Dilma Rousseff (PT), among the 33% of Brazilians not vaccinated or partially vaccinated, there are elderly people who claim to have taken the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19. But, as they had a fever, they decided not to return to the health post to take the second dose. Or people who, because they believe they are healthy and well nourished, believe they do not need immunization.

“And they are all the time listening to fake news and all the effective action of the president. This creates a pocket of susceptible people. And we, very likely, will have an increase in the number of covid cases in the coming weeks and months due to the existence of margin for the circulation of the virus between us due to low immunization.”

Brazil reference in immunization

The government’s disservice to public health, according to Chioro, will be measured not by covid vaccination, but by influenza (flu). “It’s the lowest coverage in history. No wonder we are now having an epidemic of H3N2 flu that is completely out of date. It was expected in the northern hemisphere. For us it was from April, May.

Chioro recalled that Brazil is a world reference in immunization. The country that has Zé Gotinha as its cultural heritage is the one that has greater confidence in vaccines applied by the SUS than in the private network. And that it has expertise in the sophisticated mission of taking vaccines to the corners of the country, maintaining the appropriate temperature, for the safety of the population. “A survey carried out last year by the Pan American Health Organization in the Americas, before the arrival of the covid vaccine, showed that the Brazilian population is the one that most adheres to the campaign.”

In many European countries, vaccination has not been so high, not because of denial, but because there is no vaccine culture. In those countries, rich people, measles, tuberculosis, meningitis, did not cause the same misfortune they caused here, did not have the same impact. That’s why Brazilians joined campaigns, and Europeans not so much.

Since the coup that ousted President Dilma, specialists have been warning about the drop in vaccination coverage in the country, which was aggravated by the pandemic. The dismantling of policies has also contributed to parents not taking their children to health centers. Thus, this is already reflected in the resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles.

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Earlier this month, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) launched a program to encourage immunization in the country, in order to return to the levels of 12 years ago. It is the Reconquista das Altas Vacinais Coverage project, which has support from sectors of the Ministry of Health, the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm), the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and the Women’s Group of Brazil.

The project will establish an inter-institutional and international collaboration network, seeking to improve Brazilian vaccine coverage. Strategic support actions will be implemented for the National Immunization Program to reverse the downward trajectory in vaccination coverage for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, including pregnant women and indigenous peoples.

“Every vaccine has a double role: that of individual and collective protection, of totally preventing or reducing the severity of the disease. But the main thing is collective protection. Vaccination is a gesture of love, solidarity, collective responsibility. When everyone gets vaccinated, we have control over the causative agent of the diseases”, stated Chioro.

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