City Hall opens 7 vaccination sites against covid on the 1st of the year – Capital

Since the start of immunization, 667,345 residents have taken at least one dose of the immunizing agent in the Capital

Capital resident receiving the reinforcement of the immunizing agent against covid (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

The Municipality of Campo Grande, through the Municipal Health Department, maintains vaccination against covid-19 this Saturday, 1st day of 2022, from 7:30 am to 5 pm in 7 locations throughout the city.

Immunization takes place at Seleta and at health units in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Silva Regina, Colonel Antonino, Universitário, Nova Bahia and Coophavilla II.

The 4th dose of the coronavirus vaccines is released for immunosuppressed people who took the 3rd dose until September 1st. The 3rd dose, in turn, will be aimed at those aged 18 or over, who took the 2nd dose until September 1st and the Janssen vaccine, until September 2nd. People with a high degree of immunosuppression, from this age on, who have taken the second dose for at least 28 days, can also take the 3rd dose of the immunizing agent.

The 2nd dose of immunizing agents will also be applied to those who took Astrazeneca until November 1st; Pfizer until 12 December and Coronavac until 11 December. The 1st dose of immunizing agents is still available to all people aged 12 and over, at the announced vaccination sites.

Since the start of immunization, 667,345 residents have taken the 1st dose of vaccines, in Campo Grande, which is equivalent to 73.65% of the population. Another 633,831 (69.95%) took both doses and 232,143 took the 3rd booster dose.

Check the vaccination locations and times in Campo Grande:


City Hall opens vaccination sites covid #1st year Capital

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