rare symptoms of COVID return with omicron

rare symptoms of COVID return with omicron
rare symptoms of COVID return with omicron

Reports from the UK indicate that a Common symptoms of COVID-19 back to the omicron variable – Mental Confusion.

Daily Express – UK News Channel – It was recently reported that COVID-19 patients reported ‘brain fog’ as one of their symptoms in the ZOE COVID Study app, which records and analyzes the symptoms reported by patients.

  • “One of the most uncommon – but most common – symptom of omicron is what is called brain fog, Express Daily reports.

Mental Confusion It has been a very rare symptom of COVID-19 for some time. In fact, reports of brain fog surfaced in October 2020, the first year of the epidemic, as I wrote to Deseret News. But it is not usually reported as one of the most common symptoms, which include fever, chills, shortness of breath, cough and body aches.

Doctor. Shruti AgnihotriA neurologist at the University of Alabama Birmingham said: ABC 33/40 Brain fog is often associated with severe headaches and memory loss.

  • “Often, these patients can recover from the initial fever and symptoms of shortness of breath and continue to have severe headaches and often tend to complain of amnesia, which is often called brain fog.”

She said the brain fog can look like a concussion.

  • “Patients often describe difficulty in paying attention and concentration and not feeling well, not as severe as they would otherwise. We sometimes see these symptoms in many other cases, during post-concussion, and also after several other infections.” Agnihotri Count ABC 33/40.

Symptoms have now emerged with the omicron variant and are further evidence of how the omicron variant affects people who are making progress.

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rare symptoms COVID return omicron

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