On TV, Bolsonaro criticizes vaccination passport, distorts and omits information | Politics

On TV, Bolsonaro criticizes vaccination passport, distorts and omits information | Politics
On TV, Bolsonaro criticizes vaccination passport, distorts and omits information | Politics

President Jair Bolsonaro took a stand this Friday (31) against the adoption of a vaccine passport in the country and defended a medical prescription for the immunization of children with vaccines against Covid-19. For specialists, requiring proof and facilitating the vaccination of children from 5 to 11 years old are necessary measures to fight the pandemic.

The president also took stock of the three years in office; distorted and omitted information about its management, which began in 2019.

Bolsonaro made the statements during a six-minute address on national radio and TV this Friday night. The speech was recorded by Bolsonaro before the trip to Santa Catarina, where he is off this year’s end.

During the presentation of the statement, panaches against the president of the Republic were registered in Brazilian capitals, such as Brasília, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

“We do not support the vaccination passport, nor any restriction to those who do not wish to be vaccinated. Also, as announced by the Minister of Health, we defend that vaccines for children between 5 and 11 years old are applied only with parental consent and medical prescription. Freedom must be respected,” the president said in his speech.

Several countries in the world adopt the vaccination passport as a measure to fight the pandemic. Unlike other political leaders, Bolsonaro has already stated that he will not take the vaccine. He also stated that he will not immunize his 11-year-old daughter.

The target of an investigation into alleged malfeasance in the negotiation of the Covaxin vaccine, the president stated in his year-end message that there is no corruption in the government.

“We have completed three years of government without corruption. We have already completed, at a lower cost, hundreds of works that have been stopped for several years,” said Bolsonaro.

However, investigations involving members or former members of the government are ongoing:

  • former Environment Minister Ricardo Salles was one of the targets of the Federal Police’s operation Akuanduba, carried out on May 19th. Investigations reveal suspicion of facilitating the illegal export of wood from Brazil to the United States and Europe. He was dismissed by Bolsonaro a month later;
  • a civil servant at the Ministry of Health and former head of the import sector at the folder Luis Ricardo Miranda said he identified suspected irregularities in the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin;
  • Covid’s CPI found an alleged request for a bribe in a parallel negotiation to acquire vaccines from AstraZeneca against Covid, through the company Davati Medical Supply;
  • the CGU detected irregularities in a R$ 3 billion bid for the purchase of computers from the National Education Development Fund (FNDE), of the Ministry of Education (MEC), which could generate millionaire losses to public coffers, and recommended the suspension of trading electronic.

The president also said that during his term the federal government started new works and concluded others that were unfinished. Bolsonaro cited the transposition of the São Francisco River as an example – but did not mention that, when he took over, more than 90% of the work had already been completed and that several stretches had already been inaugurated in previous governments.

Bolsonaro also returned to criticizing mayors and governors, blaming them for the economic crisis because of the policy adopted to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. The adoption of lockdown was recommended by infectious diseases and health authorities to delay the growth of the pandemic and alleviate the overcrowding of hospitals.

He also stated that the federal government allocated billions of reais for states and municipalities to face the situation, cited the creation of programs to preserve 11 million jobs and the payment of emergency aid to 68 million people.

However, President Bolsonaro did not say that the programs were approved by the National Congress and that, in the case of the creation of emergency aid, the amount approved by the parliamentarians was greater than that initially proposed by the government’s economic team.

Bolsonaro also declared that Brazil ends 2021 with a balance of three million new jobs and five million open companies. The president did not mention that, this week, the IBGE survey shows that despite the creation of new jobs, almost 13 million Brazilians are still unemployed.

He highlighted that he has started to pay Auxílio Brasil – a program that replaced Bolsa Família – and that each family will receive at least R$400.

Bolsonaro last Thursday (30th) sanctioned the law that creates Brazil Aid, but vetoed a section that provided for the mandatory inclusion of all families who met the program’s requirements. Experts considered that it will be more difficult to reach the goal of reaching the 17 million families that the government has promised to serve.

In the end-of-year message, Bolsonaro also mentioned the flexibilization of the possession and carrying of weapons in Brazil.

President Bolsonaro also cited the tragedy caused by the rains in Bahia and Minas Gerais and said that, from the first moment, he asked ministers to help the affected municipalities. The president is on vacation in Santa Catarina and has been criticized for not having directly participated in the government’s actions to deal with the situation.

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