Health in Salto Veloso warns of precautions to prevent the spread of the dengue mosquito

As a note in the folder, the heat at this time of year increases the circulation and activity of Aedes aegypti, mosquito that transmits dengue, Zika virus and chikungunya.

Reproduction takes place in standing water (clean or dirty), where eggs are deposited. The warning from the Municipal Health and Social Assistance Department highlights some actions to prevent the presence of the mosquito, such as:

Cover barrels and water tanks; keep gutters clean at all times; always leave bottles upside down; weekly clean or fill potted plant dishes with sand; clean the water pots for animals with a brush or sponge; be careful with tires, pots, pools and possible containers close to the house.


Health Salto Veloso warns precautions prevent spread dengue mosquito

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