Mano Brown with Lula is the most listened to podcast of 2021 on Spotify

Mano Brown with Lula is the most listened to podcast of 2021 on Spotify
Mano Brown with Lula is the most listened to podcast of 2021 on Spotify

Conversation had great repercussions; Brown’s next guest this Thursday will be Wagner Moura edit

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Forum – The interview of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) on the Mano a Mano podcast, presented by rapper Mano Brown, was the most listened to program on Spotify Brasil in 2021. During the program, Brown and Lula spoke about several subjects, among they the youth:

“My generation sees you as a candidate who has lost three elections, while the younger generation sees you as a president. You almost performed a miracle in Brazil, but young people don’t know you yet”, said Brown. “Or they know me from the last lies told”, Lula amended.

Criticism of PT

Lula also commented to Brown about his speech at a rally during Fernando Haddad’s (PT) campaign in 2018, when he criticized the PT and was booed. Lula, who was in prison at the time, said he read the speech and saw the truth in it. “I think it’s great when people are real and give a reality check. Your speech in 2018 is the blunt truth. The PT forgot its original discourse, which sought to give a voice to the oppressed people. I didn’t come from above to talk to those below. I came from below and this has always made the party different”, declared the former president.

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