Number of Covid-19 cases in India soaring for the fifth day in a row

India reported more than 27,000 new Covid-19 cases this Sunday (2), with infections rising dramatically for the fifth day in a row, but the capital’s chief minister, New Delhi, said there was no need to panic, citing the low hospitalization rates.

The country’s largest cities, including Delhi and the financial capital Mumbai, have seen a recent increase in Covid-19 cases, including those of the Ômicron variant, which has sparked a new wave of infections in other parts of the world.

While the number of active cases in Delhi has tripled in the past three days, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said hospitalizations had not increased.

“That means most people who are getting [COVID-19] they don’t need hospital care. These are mild cases,” Kejriwal said in an online interview. “Cases are on the rise, but there’s nothing to worry about. There is no need to panic.”

Delhi was one of the hardest hit cities during the second wave of the pandemic in India last year, with hospitals running out of beds and oxygen.

India has reported a total of 34.88 million Covid-19 infections, with 27,553 new cases in the past 24 hours, health ministry data showed on Sunday.

The total death toll in the country is 481,770. Local government officials in the city of Mumbai said thousands of people were carrying out rapid antigen tests at home.

“We are finding that people are quarantined if they test positive, and at the same time, many also seek support from government-run isolation centers if they cannot find space for quarantine at home,” said Srikant Deshmukh, an official with the Mumbai health agency.

India is expected to introduce a vaccination campaign for children aged 15 to 18 from Monday (3) and state governments are preparing to administer doses in schools, hospitals and special camps.

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