Bolsonaro says Brazil is ‘an example for the world’ in vaccination against COVID – Policy

Bolsonaro says Brazil is ‘an example for the world’ in vaccination against COVID – Policy
Bolsonaro says Brazil is ‘an example for the world’ in vaccination against COVID – Policy
Bolsonaro made the last statement in 2021 (photo: Reproduo / Youtube)

Criticizing the actions of social distancing defended by governors and mayors during the pandemic and valuing the absence of corruption in the government, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) made the last statement of the year this Friday (12/31) on the radio and television. The speech of the head of the federal Executive took place in the middle of a pot in Belo Horizonte and other capitals of the country.

Read the full text of Bolsonaro’s speech here.

Bolsonaro once again made fun of the actions to fight the coronavirus pandemic and said that the government is against the vaccination passport.

“With the policy of many governors and mayors of closing trade, decreeing a lockdown and curfew, the economic breakdown did not become a reality only because we created Pronampe and Bem, programs to help small and medium-sized companies, as well as foster agreements between employers and workers to avoid layoffs. With that, more than 11 million jobs were preserved”.

“We do not support the vaccination passport, nor any restrictions for those who do not wish to be vaccinated. Also, as announced by the Ministry of Health, we advocate that vaccines for children between 5 and 11 years old are administered with parental consent and medical prescription. Freedom must be respected”, he added.


The president began his speech saying that the government completed three years without corruption and recalled that in 2022 it will be 200 years since the country’s independence.

“Today we are preparing for the beginning of a new year. The bicentennial of our independence. God wanted me to occupy the presidency in 2019 and I took on a Brazil with serious moral, ethical and economic problems. We form a ministry with capable people to face all challenges”.


He also ignored the country’s delay in getting vaccines and said that Brazil “was an example for the world”. “We ended 2021 with 380 million vaccinated doses distributed, all purchased by our government. I remember that in 2020 there was no vaccine available on the market and the first person vaccinated was in the United Kingdom, in December. vaccinated. We were an example to the world.”


Bolsonaro also listed works carried out under management, especially in the Northeast: “We have already completed hundreds of works stopped for several years at a lower cost. The crossing of the São Francisco River is finally a reality, and we are bringing more water to the Northeast. Only in the Northeast. the states of Pernambuco, Paraba, Cear and Rio Grande do Norte, benefited 12 million Brazilians in 390 municipalities”.

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